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15.3 tb for loan or loan with view to buy

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I am looking for a new home in the UK for my sweet boy - can anyone help?

Smarty is a 15.3HH, 12 year old ex-racehorse. He is fun to ride and loves
hacking, the longer the ride the better. He is good in traffic and safe to
canter/gallop on hacks. He is great in company and can be a bit more jumpy
alone but will take confidence from his rider when hacking alone.

In the school Smarty can be lazy and although we have been working on
accepting a contact and working correctly it is a work in progress. He is
very responsive to seat and weight aids and will turn and stop off really
light aids.

Smarty is good to handle, shoe and catch. He is very friendly and loving.
However, he is still a thoroughbred so can spook or spin out of the blue
occasionally. So he would only go to an experienced rider.

Smarty is very green jumping. He is even scared of poles on the ground and
it is not something I have done much about as I'm not a big jumper.

He has been to shows and pleasure rides with his previous owner but I prefer
hacking and dressage.

Over the summer he lived out at night and in during the day, and has
recently switched to in at night. He could probably live out all year if he
had adequate rugs/shelter. He likes other horses, and seems to slot in well
to different herds.

I have had him for about 18months, and I have learned a lot with him. I am
offering him on loan or if the perfect home came up I would sell him. My
reason is that I have got very interested in dressage and have recently got
a share in a dressage schoolmaster, which isn't leaving much time for

In addition, Smarty is happier out and about than schooling. He would be
ideal for someone who wanted a lively hack or endurance horse. He comes with
a full set of clothes and a made to measure ideal dressage saddle.

His only real issue beyond needing a confident rider, is that he has had
loading issues. He has been fine in trailers, although sometimes takes some
time to load. Unfortunately something panicked him last time he was in a
lorry and he ended up needing sedating, so this is definitely something that
needs working on.

He is currently transitioning to barefoot, however this is negotiable.
Contact: 07739 135305 or [email protected]