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17.5 inch Lovatt and Ricketts Solstice Endurance Saddle

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These are really hard to find used. I'm posting it on an endurance site on FB, but thought I should let forum people know I am selling this saddle in case someone has been looking for one.

This saddle has a wide tree. It fit my wide TB and my last two Arabs. A 17.5 inch seat is a bit generous for me, and I never ride in this. It is super comfortable. My Ellipse saddle is what I ride in most of the time, because it is a 17 inch.

It has panels that are made of wool felt. The material is a very light color, which seems impractical but it does not have any large stains. It probably used to be more white, but it has been this color since I bought it several years ago. The billets are intact.

The seat has brown discoloration you can see in bright light. This seems to get a little better each time I condition it. The seat was dry when I bought it, and I don't think the last owner conditioned it very often.
I'm asking $1,600 plus $60 for shipping.

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If I was in need of a saddle, I'd scoop this one up! I really like the Lovatt & Ricketts and they tend to do really well on wide horses. I think they might even have a hoop tree. So if anyone has a wide horse that is hard to fit, this saddle is for you! We love ours and still use it all the time.

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I'm not in the market for another saddle but this looks comfy and well balanced just from the pictures.
Thanks for thinking of the members here first, that was really nice of you!!

I'm envious, the seashore pictures I love...we would occasionally ride along the beach when off-season.
So nice it was...
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