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1st Year Showing-Tack Reviews and Recommendations?

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I didn't know what category to post in since this is sort of a showing/tack mix but here goes nothing.

This year will be my first year showing horse in 4H. My first show is in 1 week and literally the only show things I have are western tack.
SO, I am wondering what will I all need for showing? It is through Minnesota, so the Minnesota 4H rules. Can someone put together a list of attire and tack I will need to buy?

The review part about this is saddle pads. I need an english all purpose show saddle pad, but I don't know whether to get a fleece one or a longer non fleece. Any help would be great, what do you prefer?
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I'm assuming you have an English saddle already? My son recently did an open show, which I'm guessing is similar to a 4-H show as far as fanciness. He used a white fleece pad with a spot for the number, although many people used a regular fitted fleece pad and put the number on their back. He just used his regular English saddle & bridle, as for English, the fancy "bling" isn't a big deal.

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This is a decent "starter" affordable fleece pad for all-purpose saddles. Products

What is important is it fits the saddle, gently outlining the shape of it.
It should be white in color, boring, but English is not blingy but traditional colors...
You should be able to find a affordable English pad in your local Tractor Supply, feed store or tack shop for maybe just a few dollars.
Or ask to borrow someones....wash it and hang it to dry BEFORE you use it and before returning it again wash it.
Don't put it in the dryer...not really good for them.

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A lot of what you will need for English classes is defined by what class it is. I'm very surprised your 4-H leader is not helping you find out what gear you need for the classes you are entering. I would try googling "4-H Horse Showing Guide Minnesota". I was able to come up with multiple horse project guides for showing in PDF format.

Hunt Seat Attire
• Riders must wear boots, breeches, coat, and hunt
• A hunt hardhat cap or a hardhat derby is acceptable.
All colors are acceptable with preference
for traditional conservative colors.
• Coats should be any tweed or melton
(conservative wash jackets in season) acceptable
for hunting,
• High English boots or jodhpurs and jodhpur or
paddock boots.
• Long or short sleeve shirts with ties or chokers

As far as saddle pad, I would think that a fleece one would be nice as long as it is clean and gives a clean-looking picture when your horse is tacked up.

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Thank you everyone! I was able to find what I needed.

My trainer IS helping me find stuff but I've already washed her out with about a million questions :)

I bought a fleece saddle pad with a pocket for the number.

I had looked at the rule book, but I didn't quite know where to find what I needed.
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