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2.5 yo TB gelding

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First post here. :) I’m looking at this baby this weekend. I see some various faults that I think I can live with, and various strengths as well, but wanted to get more eyes on him.

He is 2.5 years old but I’m not sure of the exact age in these pics. Unraced. Should grow to 16.1 or so, and he apparently has a brain to die for which is his biggest draw for me. Chill, smart, and willing. His full sister is proving herself a talented and easy-going eventer, and I’ve included a pic of her as well. Both parents are substantial, more classically built TBs.

My hopes for him are as a low level bebopping around fun type horse. Maybe some dressage, maybe some archery, dabbling in this and that.

Here he is, keeping in mind that he has a few years of maturing left yet.

And his full sister, to get an idea of how he may mature (although it is not the best confo pic).
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He's a cute lil guy, but I believe I am seeing the beginning of DLSD in his hind legs. It's not far yet, but if I am right, it's not good. I would pass him.
Hmm, interesting. We have a gelding who was recently retired young due to DSLD, so that is definitely not a road I want to go down again. I included pics of the DSLD horse. To me, I’m not quite seeing the pastern/ligament laxity that has always been present in the below horse, but I will need to see him in

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He's cute and young enough to yet change some, but...
My concern is his long back, weak hind-end with SI joint where it is.
I'm also not a fan of leg placement of any limb when you say you want to bop around on him doing this or that can mean strenuous and then the word dressage come out and to me they need a good motor for that and...not sure this horse has a motor of substance or will develop one to meet your needs/demands.
Sorry, hope I'm wrong but.... :unsure:he sure is a cutie.
I do not think it is fair to judge this horse conformationally on those photos . Just NOT. the camera angle is from above. you cannot get a fair judgement from that.

I feel like a devil's advocate here, but I do not see any thing of that which was mentioned by the much more experienced horse people who commented before me. I do NOT see a weak hind end . nor the beginings of DLSD in the hinds. I see a reallly nice neck and shoulder, decent legs, and otherwise . well . . . a blank canvas. I would have a good vet check and make any decision based on the pedigree and that.

Best of luck. I think that's a nice horse there.
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@tinyliny, I respect your opinion, but I'm betting this horse would not pass a pre purchase exam on his rear end, specifically his ankles.
I look at the pics, go away, and think on it. Come back to see if I see it again, and I do.
Thanks everyone. Decided to pass. :)

The poster has decided to pass on this horse so thread is closed.
Thank-you to all who made comment.
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