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2 yo QH fillies

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Hi! Looking for thoughts on these two.
One is well bred and I paid a good chunk of change for her, and the other is grade and was $200. Tell me what you think of each and if you want to, guess what one is is well bred :wink:

Pictures aren't the best, it's not easy to get 2 year olds to stand square and still lol!
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Sky Mane

Horse Mammal Vertebrate Sky Pasture

Horse Mammal Vertebrate Stallion Mare

Horse Mammal Vertebrate Pasture Mare
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There are no $200 horses here, lucky to find a $2000 weakling, registered or not. Both very nice horses and with your talent in roping and ranch work, both would be obscenely pricey green broke even. BC is crazy expensive for horses, even more so now.
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21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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