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2021 trail riding

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Am I the first? :giggle: Yesterday we went out with one trained and experienced horse (rider in the saddle) and two youngsters (led by hand). We went into the woods on the trail and also did some urban areas (to expose the horses to road signs and traffic signs, etc...)! We rode/hiked for approx 2 hours. And yes I am aware that one of my stirrups wasn't dropped enough.

Here's us, younger horse ponied for the pic (handler took the picture).

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More catch up. The whole story is in my journal.

Phin's rehab walks:
Sky Cloud Plant Dog People in nature

Plant Sky Vertebrate Leaf People in nature

Sky Cloud Plant Dog Ecoregion

Plant Nature Snow Branch Tree

Sky Plant Dog Plant community Ecoregion

Plant Plant community Ecoregion Dog Leaf

Cloud Horse Sky Plant Tree

Cloud Sky Horse Plant Ecoregion

Sky Plant Horse Ecoregion Nature

Horse Sky Water Cloud Plant

2021 mileage
12/16george10.24 miles1460 ft climb3.6 mph63F1603.22 total miles
12/17phin1.89 miles131 ft climb2.9 mph45F1605.11 total miles
12/17george6.36 miles889 ft climb4.3 mph55F1611.47 total miles
12/17amish5.45 miles594 ft climb4.5 mph52F1616.92 total miles
12/20phin1.91 miles164 ft climb3.0 mph28F1618.83 total miles
12/20honey5.37 miles837 ft climb4.0 mph40F1624.20 total miles
12/21phin1.94 miles125 ft climb2.9 mph17F1626.14 total miles
12/21george12.76 miles1588 ft climb4.8 mph30F1638.90 total miles
12/21amish5.83 miles778 ft climb4.2 mph36F1644.73 total miles
12/23phin1.98 miles141 ft climb3.2 mph19F1646.71 total miles
12/24phin1.94 miles118 ft climb2.9 mph21F1648.65 total miles
12/28phin1.97 miles154 ft climb2.9 mph34F1650.62 total miles
12/28honey8.33 miles1243 ft climb3.7 mph38F1658.95 total miles

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Final saddle time of 2021. The whole story is in my journal.

Wednesday, I started with Phin. We were stuck in the ring for his rehab walk and it was apparently exhausting as he tried to mug Gina for her coffee:
Dog Vertebrate Human Mammal Dog breed

Then it was George's turn:
Horse Dog Plant Working animal Tree

Plant Horse Sky Working animal Tree

Today, I started with Honey:
Cloud Horse Sky Ecoregion Working animal

Plant Plant community People in nature Natural landscape Dog

Horse Vertebrate Sky Working animal Halter

Then I finished the day doing Phin's rehab in the ring:
Cloud Sky Road surface Wood Asphalt

2021 mileage
12/29phin2.08 miles112 ft climb2.9 mph38F1661.03 total miles
12/29george10.0 miles1453 ft climb4.0 mph42F1671.03 total miles
12/31honey8.07 miles1227 ft climb3.9 mph44F1679.10 total miles
12/31phin2.01 miles115 ft climb3.0 mph48F1681.11 total miles

Happy New Year all!

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Glad to see you here @phantomhorse13!

I went to Princess Place over the Holiday week… tried to talk @knightrider to come join us but since I didn’t give much notice(wasn’t sure if I could go) and she was just there she couldn’t make it…. maybe next time.

Had great weather and just an over all great time… BUT won’t go back this time of year because the way down took 12 hours…. 4 more than it should. I was hoping since it was Monday it wouldn’t be bad… wrong! Dang

But I was happy to hear that the couple that had come down with me said on the very first ride that it was worth it! whew

Rode 4 days, good rides… took it easy as my guy has a nice coat and it was pretty warm there. One pic was of an eagle we saw, another was going over I95. On NYE day we had a pretty big group. It was soooo fun.

Sky Tire Wheel Plant Working animal

Sky Plant Twig Electricity Overhead power line
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