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26 hour haul! help!

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So im moving to oklahoma in a week, iv already takin care of the coggins test and health examiniations and stuff. im just hoping to get some advice on how to make the trip a little easier
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Make sure your tow rig is ready for the long haul, many people forget that part of the trip.
-All fluids topped off.
-Fairly fresh oil change (not an absolute but I prefer it that way).
-Tires properly inflated, check them over for any problems.
-Spare tire for tow rig and trailer are inflated (many forget this).
-Brakes still have plenty of meat on them.
-Not to long since your fuel filter has been changed.
-Air filter looks good.
-Belts in good condition.
-Batteries not giving you any problems.

That's just off the top of my head. You have to remember that a long trip hauling a trailer full of horses puts a lot more load on your rig than the normal day to day driving you do.
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