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2yo grade QH conformation critique

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I've been waiting to start this thread, but was waiting for my guy to put on a bit more weight first. He's pretty much up to a good weight, except for his topline, which still needs a bit. (He's kind of getting a haybelly 馃槀) Anyway, here are the pictures. Tell me the negative and the positive; any thoughts you have. I included pictures of him squared up as well as not.
I'm not an expert, but I'm guessing it's probably not great.
Some of the pictures are in bad lighting - sorry.
Sky Horse Working animal Fawn Mane

Sky Horse Cloud Working animal Tree

Horse Sky Working animal Halter Horse tack

Sky Horse Eye Working animal Plant

Horse Sky Liver Working animal Tree

Horse Sky Eye Liver Working animal

Horse Working animal Sky Tree Liver


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have not read the other posts. I believe it best not to before giving an opinion on conformation , otherwise one is overly influenced by others' opinions.

I see a tidy looking horse who has no glaring faults at all. He has an upright shoulder, more so than his hip angle. He has nice short canons, fore and rear (I mean low hocks). His front legs toe out a wee bit, on his left, angling out from the knee. He has good bone, nice pastern length and angle. His head appears large only because his neck is not yet developed. I think he is, honestly, a peach!
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@Knave could you post a photo of Grandpa's saddle? I'd like to see it.
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Yeah, that scoop of a seat, all one piece, is the best! people see that 'hard' seat and think it will be , well, hard. but your body sits so evenlly on the weight bearing surface it is way more comfy than it looks
I detest an inset or 'padded' seat. hurts my 'lady bits'.
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