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2yo grade QH conformation critique

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I've been waiting to start this thread, but was waiting for my guy to put on a bit more weight first. He's pretty much up to a good weight, except for his topline, which still needs a bit. (He's kind of getting a haybelly 😂) Anyway, here are the pictures. Tell me the negative and the positive; any thoughts you have. I included pictures of him squared up as well as not.
I'm not an expert, but I'm guessing it's probably not great.
Some of the pictures are in bad lighting - sorry.
Sky Horse Working animal Fawn Mane

Sky Horse Cloud Working animal Tree

Horse Sky Working animal Halter Horse tack

Sky Horse Eye Working animal Plant

Horse Sky Liver Working animal Tree

Horse Sky Eye Liver Working animal

Horse Working animal Sky Tree Liver


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Does he have some blimps, yes....who doesn't.

Go slow, let his immature body and mind grow strong and mature at his pace.
You are in no rush he must be riding by a certain time.... I did not hear you plan to campaign him, show him or put him to work...
You want a horse you can ride and enjoy...give him the time to do that for you.

He has some of the gangly, the wish he was a bit different...give him time.
Keep those hooves with a knowledgeable farrier trimming him as he develops, matures and not neglect his tootsies cause that becomes body issues further down the road.
The one thing that I think needs further close look is his hips....and his front leg is toeing out...
Ecoregion Horse Sky Working animal Fawn

They hips look unlevel to me although he is pretty square standing...its small but left unaddressed it can be a down the road not going to be happy moment.
It might be a nothing but his toe is on a rock, he might be trimmed a slight bit off....look critically at him and indeed measure those bone lengths cause he is growing and none of us grow with identical symmetry...but seeing, looking for now means he can still be shaped and small adjustments made so he is most comfortable working for you in time.
His fronts, very careful in his trims as knock-knees are to easy to allow to develop with a uneven trim and the bones model after the aware is all I'm saying.
You said he bucked under saddle....see that is why things need a open mind and evaluation of something, nothing or "she's nuts"....
I'm just saying look and be aware if he is uneven in growth and what it can mean if not addressed gently....

He looks so much better than he did when you brought him home..
He's a baby...he's going to change, grow and be ugly as anything at times....he in time will make a nice horse for what you want to do with him.
No one else's comments matters but what you want to do as he is your pride and joy and your "baby"....
Enjoy the growing years and making him into a nice animal to be around and ride! ;)
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