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30 notice policy????

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I am currently boarding at a facility while I wait for spots to open at the school for the horses.... I have finally got spots at the school and have told the owner of the barn I am picking up the horses and said they will be gone in a week..... I will be paying for the rest of the month that I won't be there for... but then she has told me that there is a 30 notice period for taking the horses, so now she is charging me an extra $500 for the next month that will not be there for..... she has known the whole time that I did not know when I was going to get the spots at the school and was leaving when I got some..... she has never mentioned to me about the 30day notice but says it's on the borders agreement...

Has anyone had this problem or have even heard about this????
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What others have said about the 30day notice/last months rent.

An interesting story:
Many years ago, the barn owner where my wife and I had our horses took a vacation, leaving her 70+yo mother in charge. Mom came down with Pneumonia, and landed in the hospital. Mid winter, one of the coldest I can remember; none of the animals were getting fed, and the automatic waterers were all ice sculptures. It was a mad scramble for about two weeks; we fed and watered our critters, other boarders horses, as well as the owners, _and_ her goats, geese, ducks, and chickens.
Warmer weather returned, and so did the owner, but with never a word of thanks; in fact, she complained about excessive hay consumption :p
This prompted a mass exodus; 7 of her 10 boarders all pulled out within a week or so; no written notice, no last months payment, not even a parting "finger", altho I'm sure she read one between the lines. By springtime, she had lost her lease and moved home to CA; tough ...

A pleasant and effective BO will work with you and help you toward your goals. A nasty/rude/only-concerned-with-money one will just wear you down and use you up. You decide which sort you have, and act accordingly. My $.02.

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Obviously if the OP is so inclined, she could certainly steal her horse away before the BO knows what's up .... but I'm surprised that folks are even suggesting to "stick it" to the BO and leave. Whatever happened to common courtesy? Or integrity? :icon_rolleyes: It sounds like the BO has done nothing wrong and the OP is simply moving her horses, so it's not really fair to leave the BO in the dust.
Some, many/most even, undoubtedly deserve better; some do not. In my experience, the better facilities generally have a waiting list.
(edit to add:) And enough financial stability to weather the occasional disgruntled boarder picking up and leaving. What really hurts is people who pay for a month, drop off their animal(s), and then disappear from the face of the earth. All too common, alas.
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