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7 months colt confirmation

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Never had foal before. He was weaned at 5 months. I especially worried about his front legs. Finding vet for check up is difficult for my area. I will call one when I will be ready to geld him in a upcoming months.
Does he need additional supplements?

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I feel like that too. Get him up to weight and his feet trimmed first and foremost. I think you could do it with good high quality alfalfa, but I don’t know what kind of hay is available where you are. If he was mine he would have all he could eat of quality alfalfa for probably a year or so. As of now he almost looks stunted to me.

Now, our six month old colt is going through an awkward looking stage, and she’s dainty, but she looks obviously older and healthier than the colt you are showing, which is why I’m saying he looks stunted.

I think he may make a miraculous turn around with feed and staying on top of his feet.
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