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7 months colt confirmation

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Never had foal before. He was weaned at 5 months. I especially worried about his front legs. Finding vet for check up is difficult for my area. I will call one when I will be ready to geld him in a upcoming months.
Does he need additional supplements?

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How old are those pictures? He doesn't look 7 months old in them. He looks what we call 'wind swept' in his front legs but I would expect them to look at better by 7 months.
I just took them. He was 7m 6 days ago

This is a decent link that covers what you're asking. At this point I doubt major change could occur. Your vet and a good lameness specialist would be ones to consult. If a good leg vet isn't available then working with your vet phone consults or FaceTime type consults can be arranged.
Thank you. May I ask if you see any problems with how they look from the side view?
That colt is way too thin. He needs hay and lots of it. If you don't get some weight on him, he's going to suffer from it his entire life.
Windswept is when the foal's legs are curved from being inside the mare. To me, this is not what is going on. I had a windswept foal once upon a time, he straightened out in a few days.
Pour the feed to him, and take pics again in a few months.
In the mean time, call your farrier to see if they might do some corrective stuff with him to help those front legs.
When sun is up he is on the free range. Would barley and oats will be a good addition to they hay to gain more weight?
What country are you in? Besides barley and oats, what kind of feed do you have that is easily available to feed to him? How long have you had this colt?
I'm in Ukraine. I also have fodder beet, beet pulp and will try to buy alfalfa hay for him. Hay that I have is from local fields but it doesn't have any alfalfa in it. It was enough for my other mares and they were getting fat on it but clearly isn't enough for him. He was born from one of my mares which I sold when he was 5mo
Can you get deworming medications? He could use deworming and getting alfalfa, if you can, and beet pulp would be excellent. He is quite a bit underfed and is showing signs of stunting. If you can get sufficient feed for him now, he'll probably be ok in the long run. You'll still need a vet for his legs and feet.
He was dewormed few weeks ago when I noticed the belly. How much beet pulp should I give him per day?
As much as he'll eat. He needs feed down in front of him 24/7. Beet pulp, good quality grass hay, and several pounds of alfalfa. Just make sure you balance the alfalfa and beet pulp so that your Calcium to Phosphorus ratio is 2:1. Alfalafa is low in Calcium and high in Phosphorus, Beet Pulp is about 10:1 Calcium:phosphorus. Alfalfa is high in protein and beet pulp is low, you want an average not over about 16%.

I don't know your horse's breed nor how large he's expected to grow. Looking at your photos, you say the colt is about 7 mos, but he looks about 4 months, maybe less. He's very small. How big would you expect him to grow?
Thank you! He is about 130cm, the dam was 150 hucul cross and the sire draft cross a bit higher
Our OP is in the Ukraine. What is listed may be what's available.

OP both of those are high in phosphorus. You'll need something higher in calcium to balance them out like alfalfa. At this age you want to desire balanced diet and not over feed as pushing growth will cause this to get worse.
I got my hands on a decent hay (no luck with alfalfa so far), beet pulp, fodder beet and oats grain. As I understand there is no point in getting barley since oats are superior.
He is getting all the hay but I'm not sure how much supplements should I add. Would 2kg of oats and 1kg of beet pulp/fodder beet through the day be a decent amount?
Define decent hay?

If you can't get alfalfa and are just trying to balance Calcium and phosphorus in an oat/beet pulp diet, you can feed: 0.85 kg of beet pulp per 1 kg of oats

Fodder beet is not high in either calcium or phosphorus but can be a good source of energy.

The problem with the above mentioned diet is protein deficiency. This diet is also deficient in minerals.
By decent I mean that it's green, has wild flowers and grasses. Smells and looks good
Thank you for exact numbers. He has salt and mineral block

HI, the problem is feed in the USA is different that what is available in the Ukraine. Your water and soils are different, So the mineral content of your feeds will be different than ours. A good quality grass hay with doing a free feed , beet pulp should be soaked about one to two hours before feeding. Some horses can colic or choke on dry beet pulp. better to be safe than sorry, plus you will be giving him some extra water. If you can find hay pellets you can feed those also , and you can also make those into a wet feed.
I hope you are safe. I saw today that a town was won back. i hope all your countryman stay safe. Good luck to you.
I would get a good farrier out to trim those hooves. With a good feed he could improve.
With how bigger it becomes after soaking I can't imagine feeding it dry. Took him a good day and help from other mare to understand how to eat the soaked beet pulp.
Thank you. Our family escaped from the war when it just started in 2014 and we're living in the safe place now. Liberated cities are bringing tears to my eyes. My father is in the army too. Hopefully one day our home town and whole country will be free
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2 weeks update, there is some progress. He got more roundy and happier

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