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8 month old colt....questions.

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I bought this 8 month old colt out of the pasture. This is the first time she has been away from the mare and the first time in a stall. I finally got a halter on her but now she will try to paw you when you approach her. I think over time she will get out of that. She will come to you and nibble feed out of your hand, so I think she will be ok. What would be the best feed to start with? I have some 9% sweet feed in the stable but she just nibbles at it. I keep hay in the stable at all times. When would be the best time to deworm the colt- now or wait a while?
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I fed a pellet feed for horses of all ages plus a foal supplement to my babies. I think it was Strategy but its been a few years ago and my memory comes and goes (goes mostly):lol:
Most feeds will say for what ages. I just prefer a pellet thats lower in sugar. She's eating good hay too right?
If she wasn't used to humans its going to take some time for her to recognize that your not there to eat her. She is in survival mode so naturally she will strike out. She should calm down over time. Just spend as much time with her as you can. Keep it quiet and keep your movements slow. Don't rush her.
You should contact your vet as far as worming goes. It depends on where you live and your horsekeeping. Foals are notorious manure eaters so it may be good to have a fecal egg count done first. That way you will know what your going after rather than just randomly worming.
You should be able to just take a manure sample to the office rather than take the whole horse :lol:
Its so much fun to start them young. Congratulations and have fun.

ETA- If your new to this you might look inot Clinton Andersons Handling Foals, Weanlings, and Yearlings. I found it very helpful. I think I got mine used on Ebay. Another good site is Cherry Hills horsekeeping site. She has articles on a foal from birth to adult. The foals name is Sherlock so look for Sherlocks pages.
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Be careful on switching feeds to frequently. I take at least a week to change feeds over. Adding a bit of the new one day than a bit more the next etc.
Since you have chosen the Omolene stick with it. I see no problem keeping the foal with the mare. Since she is bred back, she won't let her nurse now that she has started the process. If she does start to nurse again you will need to separate them again.
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