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Lol nice. I was actually reading a nutrition book, as I'm interested in making sure my horses get the right food, in the most natural way possible, and it actually said that beet pulp does not actually need to be soaked as it does not spend enough time in the stomach to expand and cause problems, as long as the horse is fed right. It did surprise me, because I had always been told that beet pulp had to be soaked overnight or the horse would end up having serious digestive problems. And of course the "people overgrain their horses" which I'm sure is true, I did it with my Thoroughbred under the guise of "she needs all that in order to keep weight on". On a different note, but still related to your article, I used to have a rat that I would let run around my room and her favorite place to hide things was under my dresser. I can remember always wondering where in the world half of my stuff went, crayons in particular were her specialty, and after she died, and I rearranged my room, I found so many things I forgot I even had lol. I would have moved the dresser sooner, but much like your guy, as soon as I tried to move the dresser or grab stuff from underneath, she would get quite upset. Do you have any more pics of your guy. I'd love to see them.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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