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A Bright On Time Friday Night Conversation

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Greetings yall. Feeling particularly southern this morning sitting here eating cheeses straws and drinking a Coke. How are you? I am sleeping a little better theses days. Even falling asleep the last few nights in recliner with Remington watching tv.I have this like throw blanket I got from Christmas that has a smooth side and a not fur exactly but white fuzzy stuff on other.{ from Sams} He makes me turn that side up. I am telling you spoiled isnt the word.

How was your week? Plans for tonight? This weekend. Anybody else having a round of bi polar weather?

Whats for supper? I have been seriously craving shrimp. Been doing better about actually cooking this week. Even grilled hamburgers last night which of course made Remington happy. We are outside and then he gets some on top of his chow.

Whatever is on your mind. Weird thoughts or questions. Topics you want to see. Anything and everything welcome.

Including if you have never heard or cheese staws. What are some regional foods in your part of the country or part of the world?

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Good morning and Happy Friday!

I have not heard of cheese straws. I'll have to look those up.

Remington is one lucky dog. I don't have a dog. But the daughter who lives with me has one that follows me around and hogs the blankets on my bed. I sleep without tossing or turning, so the dog has chosen my bed as the most peaceful place to be. The problem I have is that this little 25# critter can push me to the edge and I end up with my knees hanging over the edge with no blankets. It's so weird that I don't wake up, because I can hear an owl or other night creature breathing outside my room and will check it out. But that dog gets away with a lot. :ROFLMAO:

We got a bathtub!

The house came with one of those walk in tubs. Jets. Lights. Heater. A place to put those "essential oils." And we hated it. Especially for the grandkids and me who like baths. You could use this as a shower. We would fill the foot part and climb over the side. It was like being in cow camp again and bathing in a tin tub or small water trough. Now it's sitting in my living room waiting for a buyer.

The horses got shod yesterday. I really like our farrier. Their hooves have never been better. They both misbehaved, though, and I was very embarrassed. Too little handling and exercise recently, I suspect.

Still no fence beyond their little paddock. The contractor is slowly getting back to work after being injured in a skid steer accident. There aren't many people that have the equipment to put up fence in this rocky ground. If I were to do it, it would have to be buck rail like we did in the mountains and the wood would rot quickly.

I've got overnight company coming in. Doing a pork roast in the crock pot and some herbed up noodles for supper.

Oh I made a couple dozen breakfast burritos and froze them for quick breakfasts. But I used hot chorizo (because I already had it) and habañero cheddar cheese (because I already had it). They have some heat to them. I don't drink beer, but think I may have to start in order to get these down! 😆

Have a good one!

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Happy Friday all!

I'm about to go riding, I'm in 'have I remembered everything before I leave the house' stage. :LOL:

Our weather is sunny, we had snow at the start of the week though and it's only just above freezing at the moment.

No idea what to have for tea tonight; lunch was a ham sandwich, mint tea and a pancake.

Yes, I've heard of cheese straws, I've never tried them. Regional food, oh dear that's one for later!

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Good morning! It's 4:45 am here in California and I'm up working early so I can cut out to take my midday riding lesson. Send me some of that Coke!

I caught my kids' cold and have a head that feels like it's being squeezed like a lemon and a sore throat. Fun.

Other than that...I have a PPE on a gelding I'm really excited about on Monday and I'm so nervous! The rains have finally let up here, so if I buy him I'll have ample trails and a gorgeous indoor and outdoor arena to ride him in for the next couple of months until I move him to the pasture co-op closer to home.

No weekend plans except taking my kids to a birthday party and being outside as much as possible. Dinner tonight is my Friday staple - a giant bowl of popcorn after the kids are in bed when we watch a movie.

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For a new member of HF, I love these Friday threads!

Heading off to the eye doctor to get a new prescription for glasses. Have been having a lot of fun using the virtual try on feature at a number of websites to see how I look in certain glasses. I'm very blessed that I have vision insurance and get new frames and new lenses every couple of years. Yes, I have to be aware of the price limit, but it's still a pretty generous allowance. I think I'm going to go with Transition lenses because I cannot stand going in and out of sunglasses versus other glasses. I tried the clip-ons but I have found that they're not as strong as I'd like them to be.

We're going to have our standard Friday meal of fresh salmon, a side of steamed spinach, whatever starch I want to make, a whole bunch of fresh fruit, & Rhodes yeast dinner rolls.

Very excited that my trainer will be here next week and I can start working with her on some issues that I have been having with our horse. This coincides perfectly with my hip flexor and ribs really starting to feel a lot better... It's an ongoing challenge for me. I was very careful this morning and started my 12 minute foundation training (original version) again. Also, I am happy that the unexpected case of vertigo that I had in December has subsided. It has helped that I've gotten a new pillow for the bed as well as following the exercises I was given by my PCP.

We've been in the low 80s the last couple days. Glorious weather. But next week we're going to get into some frosty times for a couple of days. We've been boosting our vitamin C and zinc during these up and down temperatures.

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Happy Friday All!!! Whew! It has been crazy busy at work... since the beginning of the year it's been crazy. Recently there has been talk about returning to the office... I don't mind but I did tell my boss my productivity will go down as it's a 45 min drive to the office and I will leave promptly at 5 because I have to get home to feed. I won't sign back on either.... not being a pain I said but that's just how busy it is, he agreed and said that will be the case for him also.

I think I will make wings for dinner... that's keto and will have to figure out sides as I'm not sure what sides are keto.... definitely no fries. I like to make home made chips but that's out too.... darn! lol

This weekend is trying to do something with the mud! There's just so much.... I am getting a round bale after work and not sure where I will put it because there is no driving in the pasture at this point. Ponies will be happy they will have a round bale...

I know of cheese straws... they have that here. But pretty much we are bbq as a local staple and flounder is also pretty much everywhere.

Dogs are driving me crazy... I have gotten them GPS collars that keeps them in the yard. They stand at the door wanting to go out the second I put the collars on they are like... nah if I can't roam the neighborhood why go out?! ARGH!! OUT!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Finally some real snow here, after a few weeks of sleet/rain/flurries.
Sky Snow Dog breed Carnivore Working animal

Supposed to get a couple more inches throughout the day, so we’ll probably stay home tonight. I roasted a big squash earlier in the week and will make it into curried squash soup for dinner, probably with some grilled cheese on the side. My lovely husband had a work meeting in a different town yesterday and stopped at a bakery where he found amazing homemade cream pie cookies (like a homemade Little Debbie)-two big oatmeal cookies stuffed with salted caramel cream. We could barely eat half after dinner last night, so I will be dreaming about finishing that for dessert all the way through my bowl of soup ;)

Hoping to be able to take a couple of snowy rides this weekend. There’s still a thick layer of ice underneath, so we’ll just mosey around, but I am looking forward to it.

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Happy Friday! Been another crazy workweek (I sound like a broken record, I know) but I'm ready for the weekend again.

Hoping to ride this weekend, I rode last weekend (finally) & even though they were short rides & kinda limited (the ground was still mucky, so couldn't really do too much), a ride is a ride!

Talk about mud - NO problem with that here!
No snow here, just a lot of rain lately, which is annoying! I'd rather have snow honestly lol.
Like it's not supposed to rain today or tomorrow, but it did yesterday & the day before, now it's supposed to rain again Sunday into Tuesday...I am just ready for spring at this point. LOL! So gonna try to hop on tomorrow & enjoy the sunshine even if the footing isn't the best.

Cheese straws sound amazing. I love cheese lol. I hope everyone has a good weekend! :)

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Seems like it rains every 2-3 days lately. Just when the mud starts to tighten up more rain. I did work in a short ride the first part of the week though. Gosh, I needed that! The temps have been reasonable though even on the warm side for this time of year.

Tonight supper will be smoked sausage with steamed cabbage and cottage cheese. Going to even slip in a trip to town today as they're calling for rain and a little snow for Sat. and Sunday.

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Snowing here for the moment. We'll see how much of a crisis work becomes - the hospital side has had some call-outs and we're down a medic as well. There's a plan for the afternoon, but a plan is just that. There's still 10 hours for things to go pear shaped.

Monday I got back to cèilidh at last. I think it's the most intense of my extracurriculars - I played hockey last Saturday and I still think dance was more intense. It is such fun though. Current goal: be able to do 3 of the 5 dances on the line-up. My friend and I are at 2 of 5. (There is a "fundamentals" hour before dance hour, so a lot of dance.)

I have both weekend days off. Maybe hockey tomorrow, if not that swimming. Church on Sunday and singing.

Got some good riding in this week as well. Jasper was antsy earlier in the week as he's not getting worked much and I'm out of practice, but we had a nice solid ride yesterday. We encountered two dogs at the co-op farm. One of them is weird about the horses - he doesn't chase anymore or get too close but he considers it. Then in the woods, more dogs. Those folks we saw last week - I think they are new in the area, but they are very polite and hold their dogs off the trail and say hello. The dogs each have walking harnesses in bright colors with their names and their humans' phone numbers, which is a neat idea. Jasper is not fussed by dogs but you never know who might scare whom into an accident.

Dinner plans: I have a salad set to go. Should serve for lunch and dinner.

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@missy06 that is super exciting and you will have to tell us how it goes!

@aubie spoiled dogs are the best dogs. Also, I have not heard of cheese straws. I would guess eating Rocky Mountain oysters in springtime (calf testicles) is probably culturally different than most on here.

It has been snowy here. For a while it rained too, which is very odd for my area, but it seems to be back to snow. It made me understand more how frustrating winter rain is! I guess they made it to the ranch to feed this morning, but it was looking like they were going to be stuck snowmobiling in! It’s more the wind moving snow than the amount of snow causing the problems.

My oldest got stuck in a snow bank after basketball last night. I guess the hill she tried to climb was straight ice. She learned some valuable lessons though, like keep an extra pair of gloves in your vehicle. I think she’s finally learning to have some respect for bad roads.

Tonight there should be basketball games. My oldest thinks they will be canceled for snow, but I think they’ll probably happen.

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Happy Friday!

1. Hard to believe we are already 20 days into January😳. Yesterday temps were in the high 60’s which is 20 degrees above average. Today we will only see a high of 45 which is normal — yessir @aubie, bi-polar weather for sure.

Remington you certainly are one very spoiled pupper🥰

I know what cheese straws are but have never had them. String cheese yes, straws no. Okra and collard greens are popular in southern Middle Tennessee. I’ll eat okra if it’s fried. It I won’t eat collard greens.

2. @boots dogs If any size have a real knack for pushing us out of our space, lol. i never wa Ted my 75# Catahoula/mix on the bed but that came about when he was young and pestered the other dog. Now, after all these years, he still thinks he can take over my corner of the bed in the middle of the night🤯

YAY on the new bathtub!! You shouldn’t have any trouble selling the other tub. I’m glad you found a farrier- I hope he/she continues to do good work. Duncan was so bad for the farrier this last time that I told farrier to just trim the fronts- believe me, I feel and empathize with your embarrassment. We trace him the benefit of the doubt because it was six days after the 4-wheeler incident but I’ve been working with him, now that my left shoulder will let me pick up a hoof.

Your breakfast burritos sound good but I wouldn’t touch all that hotness😂😂

3. @Caledonian hipe you got to ride today and it was a good ride🤠👍🤠👍

4. @missy06 I hope you get to feeling better soon - children are great at giving germs to their parents🤠. PPE on a new horse? Is that all you’re going to say and no pictures? Or don’t you want to jinx the deal🤐😇

5. @Horse & Dog Mom , supper sounds great but I’ll trade the spinach for cauliflower, unless the spinach is on pizza, lol. I deal with vertigo off/on since an accident, years ago, that knocked me out for nine minutes. My chiropractor helps keep it under control but FWIW there aren’t a lot of chiropractors I would trust adjusting my head for this.

5. @lb27312, My neighbors 1,100 feet away have a GPS on the Beagle they rescued. I can always tell when they let the little cutie out of the house — he starts baying because he can’t go wandering off😂

6. @egrogan I like looking at your fresh snow - it’s especially appealing when there‘s a horse looking at the camera😍. I used to pack Little Debbie’s in my son’s school lunches. I can imagine the bakery ones you husband discovered are delicious.

7. @PoptartShop , I hope you get some riding time this weekend🤠

8. @ksbowman , as usual supper at your home sounds delicious 🤠👍🤠👍

1. Our ground is full of water. My paddock is a sea of mud for only the 2nd or 3rd time in 19 years. Theres enough slope to this property that the pastures are not compromised.

2. There are no Standlee Timothy pellets to be found, sooooo I went straight to the source. The nice young lady at Standlee (in storm ridden Idaho, and she drove to work 20 MPH this AM) said their equipment is being upgraded to produce a bigger volume of pellets faster. She said her best guesstimate for shipments to start back up is 1-2 weeks; also weather dependent . She chuckled when she let me know the most calls she has received about timothy pellets have been from Tennessee 😂😂

Needless to say, I am glad I’m a stockpiler and hopefully have enough bags of pellets until shipments resume.

3. I was on the hunt for something and thought it might be in a purse I used when I was still working, 12 years ago. I dug the purse out of a dark corner of a closet and while “it” wasn’t there, I found:

3.1 A total of $85 squirreled away in a few secret compartments. Evidently I had forgotten about the money when I retired from work elst I wouldn’t have been so quick to throw it in the closet, lol

3.2. Among other noteworthy Items I found this 2008 Christmas card. It’s my Flashback Friday contribution because three of these four horses have been laid to rest on this farm.

Top left is TWH Rusty who is coming 29.

Below him is my beloved TWH Duke, my very first Tennessee Walker, who passed at 27 in November, 2014.

Below Duke is my beloved Arab Streeter whom I rescued when he was seven and passed at 29 in May, 2015.

To the right is my beloved and very loving TWH Joker, who passed unexpectedly at 26 in February, 2022.

Yes, they are ALL beloved and special in their own ways. I have been so fortunate and privileged to have had several horses in my life, each with their own personality and way of winding themselves around my soul🙏🙏

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Good morning all, happy to be here among friends again!

It's freezing and foggy at the moment, but that's only temporary. The sun should break out soon. I'm finally not having to turn my flashlight on when I go down to the barn to feed in the evening, but still turning it on for the walk back to the house, and also for the morning feed. But I slept in a little this morning and caught a glimpse of a clear cerulean sky beginning to lighten over the fir trees. The frost on the pasture was barely glowing.

Do you keep a "to-do" list? I have randomly, but have been writing one for each day the night before, seems to take a little of the randomness, or pointlessness (?) out of the day and tends to feel rewarding, when scratching off the last little thing on the list. I've been wondering the last few days, what would happen if I wrote down "Ride Horse" for the days I know I'd actually have time. I'm such a creature of habit, and years ago, I formed the habit of "If I don't ride first thing in the morning, I won't ride". The To-Do list concept makes me wonder if I can actually change, and ride, say, after lunch, when everything else on my list is done.

Have also been reading a little about some ancient Roman/Greek philosophy, about fortifying the mind to deal peacefully with the onslaught of stress and crisis that were as present in society then as they are now. It actually helps me sleep at night.

Here is a quote that makes me wonder why I've forsaken riding the horses, even though it might only amount to a few turns around the arena. Nature made me a horse woman. Why am I not running to do what my nature demands?

Don’t you see the plants, the birds, the ants and spiders and bees going about their individual tasks, putting the world in order, as best they can? And you’re not willing to do your job as a human being? Why aren’t you running to do what your nature demands? (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations V.1)

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@aubie , I have never had cheese straws but they look pretty tasty. Before you posted the link I thought maybe they were akin to fried mozzarella sticks but not even close. LOL The only food I can think of that is regional is breaded tenderloin sandwiches but I didn't know that most people didn't know what they were until we talked about it in another of your Friday threads some time ago, so there may be others.

@Knave , here pig testicles are what is consumed although not by me. I don't know why bovine testicles aren't a thing too because we certainly have plenty of them around. Maybe because the more popular way to turn bull calves into steers in this area is to band them. A bar close to where I used to live had a night of the week they served pig testicles and that place would be packed week after week. YUCK! Where I live now there is a bar that serves frog legs one night a week, I don't eat those either but I have at least tried them before unlike the pig testicles which just the idea of won't let me pop one into my mouth. LOL

Hubs is in town so he'll probably go somewhere for lunch and won't want supper other than just a snack. What that snack will be I don't know yet. Now that I've read and talked about all those weird foods I don't think I want lunch. Maybe coming back and rereading this thread every day would be a good diet plan. 🤢

Only plans this weekend is going to a funeral although not a traditional type one. They are calling it an open house so I'm assuming it will be more like a memorial type thing for my nephew-in-law's mother. We are really close to that niece & her husband which is why we are going, I only met his mom a few times so don't really know her. My good friend's sister also died this week so I'm sure there is another funeral in my near future but don't know when that one will be. Been a tough week for some people I'm close to.

Our weather has been crazy. Yesterday started off being sunny and a warm winter day at 60 degrees but then the front moved in with rain and cold. By the time I went out to do chores it had dropped down into the mid 40's, is currently 34 and by chore time today it's supposed to be below freezing. That half a day of sunshine was sure nice I just wish it had stuck around longer because we've been getting a lot of rain and even when it's not raining it looks like it's going to, been windy too.

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Hello all! @walkinthewalk, that Christmas card is so beautiful, and I love finding money unexpectedly! You are so organized to be able to respond to each person’s post. Sadly, my brain is too frazzled for that. I do read all the posts though!

I’m tired of our weather fluctuating. Was record highs of over 80 a couple of days this week, and now back to 50s-60s, which I know for some of y’all would be a record high! The wind, though….it’s been 25-30 mph gusts for about a week and honestly I just cannot ride in that. Yesterday my cedar allergies were so bad I was irritating DH and Mom. Pretty sure they wanted to cut my head off and I would have let them!

I’ve been really lazy about my horses…I’m a wuss about the weather and my son has started his medical testing, which kind of consumes my thoughts. He had a CT scan last Friday. I KNOW I would feel better if I rode, I just need to find my motivation. Cowgirl season is starting soon and I have two major parades for the new gelding’s first events. I am trail riding him tomorrow if the rain holds off. My 12 yo great niece will be here to ride my faithful Skip.

I do know what cheese straws are. I think locally kolaches, BBQ, and TexMex are the most popular foods. We have Green’s Sausage House that people come from all over the US to visit.

I have Timothy pellets on a subscription through DH’s TSC store so I kind of stockpile as well.

Nothing much happening this weekend except riding tomorrow and of course, I’ll be cheering on my beloved Dallas Cowboys Sunday night. Supper tonight is grilled hamburgers.

Our dog doesn’t sleep on the bed, the couch belongs to her! She was so happy she got to go with me to the feed store this week..she loves trips in the truck!

Y’all have a wonderful week, please keep my son in your prayers.

Pics of said dog and both the boys ( see Skip’s Indian head marking?)

Horse Vertebrate Tire Liver Working animal

Horse Working animal Grass Terrestrial animal Mane

Dog Carnivore Dog breed Fawn Whiskers

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I didn't answer the regional foods question. I guess one of the more unique things here is maple...everything maple. Most people have at least some knowledge of real maple syrup - the only syrup as far as I'm concerned...and yes, I know those are fighting words to my friends in Louisiana and their cane syrup love! :ROFLMAO:. But there are so many special maple things...maple butter, maple sugar, maple candies, maple water, maple soda, and sugar on snow.
Food Tableware Ingredient Recipe Bay breeze

More about sugar on snow: Sugar on Snow.

With all this weird weather, some syrup makers are already checking their sap lines as there have been some days where the temps have actually caused a little sap to flow. It's too early for that! Fortunately the forecast for the next couple of weeks look much more seasonable, and we should have a decent snowpak going into actual sugaring season.

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The week was a bit hectic and rushed. I had so much to do since today is Grandpa’s funeral and I have a friend taking care of the pony while I’m gone. Had to prep his hay nets and feed and all the things.

Funeral is in a different city (where my grandparents lived for a long time before they moved to assisted living close to our house). Hotel stay has been nice. Got my own room that’s a few doors down from my parents. Had all the pillows to myself last night and just piled them up on the bed and around me. Nice hot shower this morning without having to wait for anyone to get out of the bathroom.

Gonna be an interesting ceremony. Grandparents are Catholic. I’m unashamedly somewhere between Deist, Agnostic and Pagan (and family so no hiding at the back of the church). We’ll see how it goes.

Weekend plans are to go home tomorrow and take care of the pony. Hopefully riding because the rain finally stopped and it might finally be dry enough! Although I’m not sure how fresh he’ll be.
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