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@Knave - I LOVE frog legs! But then again I grew up with them... they are very hard to find here. I tried Rocky Mountain oysters once but it was a while ago so not sure if I liked them or not... I'd try them again... I will pretty much try anything.

@walkinthewalk - beautiful Christmas card!

@Txshecat0423 - you and your son are in my prayers!!

@CaliforniaDreaming - sorry for your loss...

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Happy Friday!

my parents absolutely love cheese straws, it’s a southern thing I guess.. every single store in the area has them.. I don’t absolutely love them but I don’t hate em, kinda in between.

the weather is extremely bi polar, and at this point I really think it just wants to make me mad, it went from 70°s and high 60°s for 3 days to now 50° and dropping, UGH.. the high tomorrow is in the low 40°s, my gelding is suffering over here with me, he doesn’t do good with extreme weather changes, and I get headaches from extreme changes so then I’m mad all the time, lol.

This week has been crazy and pretty bad so I’m glad for it to be over.. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything, I’ve been thinking about my gelding so much this whole week and what to do, the really good trainer I wanted for him is just too busy to work with him, so I’m going to get in contact with my old instructor (one of my first English instructors) to see if he’d come out and work with my gelding or at least give me his opinion on him, he’s retrained and sold a bunch of ottbs and I got to watch some of it when I was doing lessons with him.. but I don’t know if he’d be up for it.
I stopped by my parents yesterday, chatting and we talked about my gelding, they said I should sell him and get a warmblood that I absolutely know could take me to the 3’-4’ rated hunter shows, and as lovely as it sounds, I’m in deep with my gelding, I’ve committed %110 with him and can’t stop now.. but I’ll get another trainers opinion on him and if he’s just going to be low level, I’ll probably put some more miles on him and sell him, as much as it would kill me to let go of him.. I want the best and happiest life for him

I’m heading down to Florida in a month or two for a business trip and I thought about checking out some horses while I’m down there, especially some warmbloods.. I looked at one yesterday online that I absolutely loved and would just be fun to finish off and show.. but I feel pretty bad for that since I want to finish my gelding off before thinking about another hunter prospect, we’ll see what happens.
he free jumped 3’9 today, pretty impressive but the spring in his step and the excitement just wasn’t there. I set the jump about 2’ and he flew over it like it was way bigger.

Weekend plans.. maybe riding, just relaxing.

dinner.. oh no I have no clue! I’m getting together tonight with my fam and some friends so maybe snacks or finger mini tacos?

I just put away all my Christmas stuff, noo!! I’ll miss the Christmas tree and the lights, it really lit up the living room.. do people usually leave their Christmas stuff up this late? Lol.

Reading some of the other threads.. even though I’m as country as it gets, frog legs scare me. Lol!

Sometimes we make snow icecream but add cream to the snow instead of the sugar mixture.. I don’t remember exactly what we did since it was my grandmas recipe..
I doubt we’re getting any snow this year, next week calls for warm weather again! 1% of me wants snow, the other 99% is like no way.

It’s been so nice and dry here, no rain! Yay!
Starting Sunday it’s going to rain, and then rain for like another couple days😑.

I’m exhausted, ideally I could go sleep in the nice bed of shavings with the horses or even maybe the field :) 😆

Dragging myself out to the barn soon to do evening chores.

views from the farm. :)
Cloud Sky Plant Natural landscape Tree

Horse Sky Cloud Plant Natural landscape

hope everyone has a safe and good weekend.

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My black horse is very silly and handsome. He is hard to train most of the time.
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Lol I am late to this. And so sorry but I simply can't catch up on all the posts!! 😅 😔
Early this morning me and my friend went out to help some neighbors with herding their horses. We rode about 13 km, according the measure on Google Earth. And when we got back middle afternoon we were really tired and the horses were too, having carried us for so far!!

I don't know what got into me, if it was some sort of weather frequency or something but after I got back I felt really really sick, like I had 0 energy ( I usually have lots of energy) and my core was completely hollow. Soo weird! And I felt really flu-ish or something and I had a headache. So I felt awful for 3 hours and 20 minutes and then suddenly I got up and felt like 10 times better! So weird! Now I still have a headache and am still a bit tired from the long ride and am going to bed as the sun set an hour and a half-ish ago.

Buuut, here are a few pictures that I took recently.
Castillo in very late sunset.
Horse Atmosphere Sky Plant Natural landscape

Sunrise a minute before sun rise
Sky Natural landscape Afterglow Cloud Sunset

Window Cat Carnivore Felidae Small to medium-sized cats

Cat Felidae Carnivore Small to medium-sized cats Fawn

Trueno and Nevada galloping

Sky Horse Cloud Plant Tree

Horse Working animal Plant Liver Tree

Horse Sky Working animal Tree Natural landscape

....And a jackrabbit...
Bird Beak Plant Twig Feather

Vertebrate Mammal Fawn Grass Terrestrial animal

Plant community Vertebrate Plant Mammal Black tailed jackrabbit

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Thanks for all the well wishes. The funeral went well. I was asked to be a pallbearer (it was either that or doing a reading and I’m not Catholic and felt it was inappropriate for me to do so, and since I have horses and routinely carry heavy bags of feed and lift hay bales I had no problem carrying a casket with my cousins)

One more night at the hotel and I can go home and hug my pony.

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Greetings yall. Feeling particularly southern this morning sitting here eating cheeses straws and drinking a Coke. How are you? I am sleeping a little better theses days. Even falling asleep the last few nights in recliner with Remington watching tv.I have this like throw blanket I got from Christmas that has a smooth side and a not fur exactly but white fuzzy stuff on other.{ from Sams} He makes me turn that side up. I am telling you spoiled isnt the word.

How was your week? Plans for tonight? This weekend. Anybody else having a round of bi polar weather?

Whats for supper? I have been seriously craving shrimp. Been doing better about actually cooking this week. Even grilled hamburgers last night which of course made Remington happy. We are outside and then he gets some on top of his chow.

Whatever is on your mind. Weird thoughts or questions. Topics you want to see. Anything and everything welcome.

Including if you have never heard or cheese staws. What are some regional foods in your part of the country or part of the world?

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Hello! Yup having weird weather here in Kansas :D
I did lots of studying, and hung out :) Now I'm watching Seinfeld, lol! Exciting!

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Cheese straws are also not what I thought they'd be. It's like a cheese churro! I have only ever had frog legs at a Chinese restaurant in Maryland (at a family dinner before my brother and SIL's wedding). They were good, just lots of tiny bones.

I was reading that steak tips as they're served in New England are a very regional thing - other things are similar but not quite. Other than that we have the assorted seafood. Moxie is a very acquired taste (one I have not acquired) but it's still popular enough to be in most supermarkets.

Hockey was good. I didn't make a lot of saves but I did feel like I was moving well. Win some lose some (I don't count goals). A teammate of mine borrowed my gear because our other teammate organizes a pickup hockey game at their - uh - physicist/physics retreat up in NH. He wanted to try goal. However he is a solid foot taller than I am. (I did warn him). He got it back to me Thursday and said he had a great time, but that the goal has never felt so large before. This morning our other teammate showed me a bunch of pictures he took of it. Exactly as delightful as I hoped.

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I'm not sure that I could eat frogs legs! I did wonder about all of the tiny bones.

A lazy day at home. I rode twice yesterday, the first on my usual guy, then I joined a friend to exercise her other horse. He isn't the easiest of rides, as he gets very strong in the canter and around jumps, and pulling only makes him worse. There were a few moments when I thought that I was a goner, and I admit to sighing in relief at the end. I may be getting too old for this!

As for food, everything is local when you're on a small island! Within my area or a short drive away I have:

Fish and seafood, including: salmon, cod, mackerel, langoustine, oysters, lobsters (blue) and scallopes. There's fishing villages near by, fishmongers in my local towns and vans who collect from the boats in the morning and deliver to my area.

I can't eat shellfish but I like our fish in dishes, especially salmon, cod and mackerel. There's Cullen Skink, which is a thick soup, or stew, made from finnan haddie or smoked haddock, potatoes and onions.

Cullen Skink

Meat: I'm surrounded by sheep and beef farms. I like lamb but don't often take steak. We're known for our Aberdeen Angus (Angus elsewhere). I suppose one that most people would turn their nose up at is black pudding; I like it and have some in my freezer. Stornoway Black pudding from the Isle of Lewis would be the best, but isn't that local to me.

Game, including venison, grouse and pheasant. There's a farm, as well as shoots on nearby estates. My butcher sells a lot of the meat.

Berry Farms. An area to the east of me is very well known for its berry production. Thanks to the land and climate it produces the best tasting berries anywhere - tayberries, strawberries, slaes, brambles, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, elderberries and black, red and white currants...

I could eat the berries from there like sweets, they have an amazing taste on their own and wonderful in recipes.

Sweets and puddings from here: scones, shortbread, bannocks, cranachan, oatcakes, clootie dumpling, dundee cake, mint pan drops, macaroons....


Clootie Dumpling

Dundee Cake

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@JCnGrace this 😨🥶 is for the u expected snow.

This 🥰 is for your sister’s not at all abused dog😂😂

My brother lives under an hour from Lake Erie. He is always privy to that infamous “lake affect snow”. He got six inches yesterday but at least he knew it was coming.

We had heavy mist all day yesterday - ALL day. Really strange. Not a light rain, yet heavier than mist. Our high was a cold and cloudy 45. DH is out of commission, I’ve been doing all of the barn chores since “the 4-wheeler incident”, so I managed to get wet enough that I was forced to throw my barn coat and heavy flannel shirt in the washer — and they were almost ready to walk by themselves😂😂

Our temps look to be in The cold/damp 40’s this entire week. I ,o e 40-something degrees if the sun is out.

We have places where the grass is starting to green😳. The bottom land in the far pasture is a warm spot and the grass is always sweet in that area. The horses have been spending most of their days over there. That area also gets all the overflow from the neighbor’s pond which means the horses drink that water🤢🤢.

That’s the neighbor with the cute Muscovy Ducks so at least I know there are not any chemicals in the pond. Before they put the ducks in, the husband went fishing for the snapping turtles he knew were in there — he was not planning on finding 14 turtles😳😳. They all got relocated to another pond far away😇.
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Happy Monday all! It was a very dreary day yesterday... constant rain and it was pretty chilly.... Boys are enjoying their round bale.... I need to just keep getting it from this guy as it looks good... it's a little more than I'm used to but I think it's worth it.

@ksbowman - I hope you are doing well...

On the bones on frog legs, I don't get the small bones... it's just like wings... 1 bone for the thigh and then 2 for the lower part... I don't eat the feet which is where all the bones are... it's like eating a wing tip.... and where I'm from more times than not the frog legs are bigger than chicken wings. And the meat is sooo tender... dang the place that I can get them here closed, they lost their roof during a storm last year and no word on when it will reopen.

I hope everyone has a great week!

ETA: @egrogan - Great pic!!

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I always liked frog legs and like you said @lb27312 there is only 3 main bones. As a kid we would gather around mom when she would fry them. They would jerk around in the skillet as she cooked them.
Nupe - no, no and Heck No. To repeat my previous comment, soon as I heard the first frog leg hit the frying pan lid, I wanted to throw up😂😂
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