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A Bright On Time Friday Night Conversation

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Greetings yall. Feeling particularly southern this morning sitting here eating cheeses straws and drinking a Coke. How are you? I am sleeping a little better theses days. Even falling asleep the last few nights in recliner with Remington watching tv.I have this like throw blanket I got from Christmas that has a smooth side and a not fur exactly but white fuzzy stuff on other.{ from Sams} He makes me turn that side up. I am telling you spoiled isnt the word.

How was your week? Plans for tonight? This weekend. Anybody else having a round of bi polar weather?

Whats for supper? I have been seriously craving shrimp. Been doing better about actually cooking this week. Even grilled hamburgers last night which of course made Remington happy. We are outside and then he gets some on top of his chow.

Whatever is on your mind. Weird thoughts or questions. Topics you want to see. Anything and everything welcome.

Including if you have never heard or cheese staws. What are some regional foods in your part of the country or part of the world?

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Reading about all the food in this thread.. making me hungry!

I am so bummed... I just went and pulled our electric smoker out... I have a recipe for the most delicious cured and smoked salmon.... The smoker wouldn't heat up! Since the fish has already been cured and dried enough to start cooking, I'm resorting to putting it in our oven. I was thinking about using the grill but I have to cook some other stuff on it today.

So I thought I'd share with you a good outcome story. Yesterday, we had loaded up some stuff that we had trimmed on the property (mostly palm fronds - the lady who owned our property before us way over planted and we have 60 palm trees). Got everything secured on our trailer and tied down so we could take it to the dump/recycle center near us. On the way there, some of the fronds looked like they were going to fly off so I got out of the car and realized I did not have my keys attached to my jeans via my carabiner & I fixed that. Got to the dump and stopped at the area to drop off our garbage. Then went to the area where we throw in the recycle. Then pulled up in line for the cars and trucks all unloading their brush. Rather than sit there and wait for 20 minutes, we decided we were going to get out and walk some of the palm fronds over to that area. Spent about 20 minutes doing that and was able to unload the entire trailer by the time we made it to the front of the line. Halfway back home I went to go reach for my keys so I could hand them to my mom to unlock the front door when we got to the house. Want to guess what was not on my hip?! My keys! So, we got home and stopped at the area where I had checked to make sure that the palm fronds were secured. No keys. Got back to the house, unhooked the trailer, and got back in the car to go back to the dump. Checked out the garbage area, then checked out the recycle area, and then walked towards the area for the brush. Lo and behold my keys were on the ground. Some of the rings on the carabiner were crushed, but the keys were all intact including the fob for my car. How lucky was that?!

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Nupe - no, no and Heck No. To repeat my previous comment, soon as I heard the first frog leg hit the frying pan lid, I wanted to throw up😂😂
I'm with you on this one @walkinthewalk ,knowing frogs legs are in the frying pan I would want to do the same,"puke", lol..I think frog legs need to stay on the frog :whistle:

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Boyyyyy is this ^^^^the gospel truth 😂🤯😂🤯

Freezing fog this morning (Tuesday). Around 10:00 tonight, the winds start. Winds are supposed to gust around 55 MPH thru 3:00 PM Wednesday 🤯🤯. This probably means shingles on the ground instead of on the roof.

My horses will be wearing fly masks.
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