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Happy Friday!

Getting a little cooler where I am, for sure. I like it though! Cool nights make for great sleeping. And I'm someone who just always runs hot -- especially when I'm moving around. I'm that person you see out walking in a tank top in March and April, getting funny looks. And I'll probably be that person, again, until November at least! Also I'm not much of one for fashion these days -- at all -- but fall clothing is definitely what I feel the best in!

This week we had a proper two closed days at the store. I spent Monday running around doing all kinds of work that is very hard to do while we're open. Just absolutely murdered the day with productivity. Then went out Tuesday morning for a lesson with my coach. I had her get on Elle first, as I've been having some nerves because Elle isn't used to the outdoor at the new place yet -- and neither am I! Of course Elle was perfect for her, and made it look super easy (which Elle pretty much is) and that was the reassurance I needed. Here's a little snippet of me, on her after. Footing was a bit squishy from rain, so pardon the few funky steps. Again, reassuring to see how calm and together everything actually is (even if I'm hunching my shoulders from my own tension). I think my first horse gave me PTSD when I was 12, because I always catastrophize!

Also how lovely is that arena and setting?? Gonna miss these gorgeous September days!!!

Not going to be much going on here the next few days though, I don't think. Forecast is calling for three days of thunderstorms.

Dinner tonight will hopefully be pasta with a lot of veggies and shrimp. We'll see how ambitious I feel about cooking and chopping at the end of the day!
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