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Weather is so nice here,mouth wont last. Sure to be more heat before summer gives up.

How is everyone? Another week flew by. What did you do?

Plans for tonight? This weekend?

I know I always include Remington. Partly because I don't actually have horses. But he is having the life. The old house had an upstairs so my room was up there. I never let him in . He had a room up there . At end of day we would go up, watch a little tv (it was actually the guest room) and he would go back down. But here it's smaller and one story. In my room all the time. We are like roommates - you saw picture. He is having a ball.

What's for supper? Don't know yet. Having ballgame party tomorrow with lots of food. Putting a Boston butt on tonight around 10 to be ready so supper will most likely be just whatever nothing special.

If you are going out, or fixin in, tell about it.

As always whatever you want to add in to this weekly thing. That's what really makes it.

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