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sounds like you have a good trainer. What a blessing!
I LOVE my trainer!!

Tish is coming along and every ride she is a little bit better. On occasion she still gets excited when first asked to lunge/warm up through ground work, but it's normal young fresh horse in winter stuff. Knock on wood she hasn't been silly yet with a rider.

Today she finally got adjusted by the chiropractor. She seemed to really enjoy it, and there was a huge difference in how she was moving and her muscle reactivity before and after. Her SI joint was out, and she seems to have an old kick injury on the left buttock that may be contributing to the intermittent stiffness we have been seeing.

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You can see the divot here.

Chiro doc didn't think it was the type that would lead to lifelong stiffness and she was overstepping/walking the best I've seen her right after we released her, which he pointed out as good news. Now she gets a few days off and I am going to look into massage therapists for her, and possibly acupuncture. At this point she will be seen by the chiro every six weeks. Super happy to finally be adding bodywork to her routine.

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Bein' helpful.

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Body shot. Endless hay and now a full serving of TSC per day in hopes we can begin working on muscles.

Then she got SO MANY well-earned nose kisses and her favorite butt scritch for being the loving, sweet young soul she is.
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