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A nice moment with the best old girl!

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Elle was having a funny tummy last night, so I took her for a walk and then turned her loose in the arena for a free-lunge. After plodding around for a few minutes, she did a good, big buck-fart and came to life!!

She had some good screaming zoomies, and then starting doing this fun, bouncy canter. And I loved how the sun was making this cool long shadow across the ground, and making her coat look all coppery and shiny. And how well she was listening to me. Just a nice moment I wanted to share.

Still a pretty, feisty, sassy good girl at 25. 馃挄 Wound up having a nice ride in a bareback pad after this, too.

(And the "fix it" is because she was cross-firing, which she only ever does when she's having a romp like this!)
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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