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A question of size!

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Hi everyone,

I just joined and am looking for some reassurance honestly. I'll try to post in the welcome area right away too. Sorry to rush right into my question!

I recently fell in love with and bought a lovely little (tiny) warmblood mare. She's a gem and young at 3. Fantastic personality, manners and a joy to work with. I'm not regretting the purchase but her size is nagging at me! She's 14.1. Her former trainer swears by the string method and believes she's done for height. She was being sold due to her height (or lack there of) by a show jumping barn.

I was looking for a sweet, eager personality and athleticism for a trail partner. I didn't question her height until looking at pictures some time after... Is she too small? Would it bother you? Do you think she may yet grow??

I'm an experienced rider with 15 years under my belt, however it's been a long time since I purchased a horse and I admittedly got carried away. My experience is primarily with ottbs and Appaloosas. Pictured is the trainer- slightly taller but slimmer than me. I'm stocky and muscular at 145 lbs and 5'4 with short legs. She carried me well and will not be worked heavily until she matures. We do work within the 20% weight ratio but ug... I just don't know!

Thanks so much.


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I love the shorter horses, and this mare has a nice stride too. From the pictures, I would have never guessed she was under 15 hands. From somebody who rides horses 15.3 and 16 hh horses, I would love something smaller next time. As long as the movement is there, I could care less.
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