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A super tiny Zeus update!

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I told you it was teeny, only have three.
Been riding in a friend's dressage saddle lately, hopefully I can get some riding pictures sometime soon. Oh! He's gained 85 lbs since he's been at the new barn. Can you tell? He's filled out some and has more muscle than he used to. :D

Zoomed in from my car. Blurry, but he's cute!

He's adorable.

He looks wild, ha ha.

That's it!
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Any pictures of Zu are awesome!! I just love him! haha hes so cute! I think you need to post some more of you riding him. =D
He is looking better now that he is filled out. Great pictures, he is handsom.
I LOVE seeing pictures of Zeus! He is just so handsome, you can tell he really loves you! =]
he is really lovely :)
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Thanks! And I'm hoping to get some riding pictures on Wednesday! :D
I can't believe I forgot these! These are from a while ago, but I never posted them.
Hey there.

You bore me silly huuuuuman.

Hi again. I'm ridiculously handsome.

I lurve his tail.


Being lazy.

Trying to get him to actually move out a bit.

Hehe, tubby.

I likes.


Wish it wasn't blurry.

All done!

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