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A very shy Mini Mule

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I have a Tennessee Walker named Ori that I currently board 30 minutes away. I have been riding for the last years and consider myself an advanced beginner with a huge thirst to learn more! My fence is being put up now and within 2 weeks, Ori will be living on my own property!

I know that horses do not like to be alone, so today I purchased a 1 year old mini mule that still needs gelded (soon!). I bought him from the lady I board at.

She said that he was never really messed with by humans at his previous owners. He is very shy. He will timidly take cookies. He is bright eyed and alert. Today I spent time cleaning his stall. He took a few steps with me, but truly doesn't know how to lead.

He seems very sad and lonely. When I first entered his stall, he would try to run away. After a few treats, he calmed down. and was less likely to run & even let me pet his head (and down his neck- but just a little bit).

I know he needs MUCH work. I've never "gentled" any horse- let alone an intelligent mule.

What would you recommend?

My current thoughts are:

Healthy treats like carrots and apple chunks.

Just sitting with him. For hours. Hours. Hours. Then getting him to slowly lead and spending time with him grazing on a lead...

I don't want to use treats too much. I don't want a crazy cookie monster of a mule!

Please! Any advice on getting him to trust me would be appreciated!
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I heard, from a lady who keeps two mini donkeys, that you MUST have them in pairs. They do not do well alone. I don't know if this is her opinion, or the truth in like a FACT, but I wonder if it applies to mini mules, too.

I would speak more with folks that own mini donkey/mule horses. of course, you may find some here, but I mean, what such owners have to say will be more appropriate than just what general horse people might say.
I have heard this before. Do you think it's the same with horse/donkey combos?
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