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So on the year anniversary of the death of my beautiful Mo.....

Mojo’s one year anniversary

I knew today would be a hard day, the really difficult memories would come flooding back, and they did. Memories of that night and the emptiness that followed. I wanted to make it a positive day, a day that would signify all the wonderful things that Mo had brought into my life. How she taught me to live in the moment and live life to the full, to look at life from a different aspect and to consider the world from the horse’s point of view. Most of all, she filled my life with happiness......

I had a most wonderful morning spent with Smirti, who runs Little Warden, in Brasted, Kent, a non profit organisation supporting rescue ponies from Pukka Ponies Equine Rescue, a small rescue charity in Kent.

There I met two adorable ponies, Pumba and Silver. I spent time grooming and stroking them both and found out a lot about the charity and the work that Smirti and her family carry out at Little Warden. Smirti, the lady fostering the ponies, is a very kind lady who clearly has her heart set in helping the ponies on their way to enjoying life to the full and finding them new homes. She is also totally committed to educating adults and children in how to treat and understand ponies and horses. Smirti also holds many fund raising events and her website is well worth a visit. The ponies themselves, are absolutely gorgeous. Silver, a stunning grey with a most amazing beautiful face and gentle expression of the eye is a sight to behold whilst Pumba with his cheekiness, mind blowing markings and pure lovingness, if indeed that’s a word, would be adored by both adults and children alike.

It was such a relaxing morning, I just don’t know where the time went. Standing in the field with the ponies gave me such a feeling of warmth and sense of peace that I knew that this had been the best thing I could have done with my day and that Mo would be watching me. I came away feeling very calm and I hope that my beautiful Mo could see how worthwhile a donation will be in her memory to this wonderful charity. If only everyone who owned a horse or pony were as committed and caring as these charities, then the world would be a much better place.

On our way home, we stopped at Sissinghurst Castle. We went for a look round the beautiful gardens and came across a lone dried up agapanthus. To most, this wouldn’t seem strange, but to me, it was amazing. I had commissioned a lady to make a copper solar light for Mojo’s garden, the light is based on an agapanthus, from the castle so it was lovely to find one lone plant there. We walked into the centre of the gardens and were greeted by the most beautiful big fluffy robin who stood inches away from our feet, what a wonderful visit.

Our last stop was at Tenterden where we roamed the pretty high street and then went on to the beautiful church of St Mildred’s. There, I lit a candle in remembrance of my beautiful Mo and wrote a prayer for her which is read during the evening service. It’s a lovely peaceful church and we often pop in and have a wonder around.

Last trip was our return home where we found Mojo’s new solar light flashing and glowing happily in her garden. We lit all the candles in her stable plus the Mojo Mohito candle that I had saved for the anniversary. We then opened a bottle of bubbly and said cheers to our Mojo. We reminisced some of the funny times we had shared with her and of course I had a good cry over the years I wished I could still share with her.

The day after....

The following morning will always be a day that also tugs my heartstrings as it was the day that Mo finally left our house and the first one in which I awoke to find myself without her. I chose to go to the end of the garden, the route which was used on that day and I blew some bubbles to celebrate the wonderful times we had shared. We then drove to Kearnsey Abbey and took a short walk around the pond. Then we sat in the same spot that we had sat when we went there on the morning after Mo died and had seen the amazing rainbow. No rainbows this time but a clear blue sky and some beautiful swans and cygnets that made my day.

All in all, it was a lovely day and a meaningful morning that followed. Some wonderful memories were shared of a truly wonderful pony........

I will love you always Mo.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my day. Please read our updated story on the following link. I have made a page on how to manage may help some of you out there..x

The anniversary tab includes photos of my day...
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