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About year 1960-1965 simco saddle

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Might not want to post your license plate on the internet.

Nice saddle but the flaps over the fenders are turned up. Needs some oil and pressure (bungee) to return them to the normal position
that's a really nice saddle . I like that kind of smooth seat. The shape of the cantle is very supportive for up and down hills, though the lack of a Cheyenne roll will make it a little harder to carry. The rigging system is very good, IMO. It will need oiling and use of the bungee cord to 'train' the jockey back down (get it very wet first , that part of the saddle) , and at the same time, use a broom stick to turn and set the fenders for riding.

Are you planning on using or selling?
Looks kind of narrow, if it fits you and your horse, nice saddle
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts