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So i've been reading a lot about acreage and laws regarding horse per acre.

I'm going to be moving to Lake Park, GA in late February, and i'm going to have one acre of land. Is that going to be suitable for one horse? I'll also have 20+ acres of land to ride.
I'll be living on family property, but as of right now, we're only fencing off one acre.
If anyone can help me out here, that would be great! :)
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We're looking to get it a smaller pasture mate. Like a donkey or a mule.
But for the first 5ish months or so, I'll be with the horse a lot so it won't be lonely.
the horse would only have to stay in the 1 acre pasture for maybe the first 5-6 months. Then I'll fence off maybe another half acre.
I'm just trying to make sure I don't bump heads with any laws.
thanks a bunch. :)

Also, could you recommend a good grass seed for me to seed my pasture with?
One acer isnt going to provide grass for long it will be to dirt in no time. I have 3 acers of pasture for 3 horses. They arent out on it 24/7 they get up too 8 hours a day if we have enough rain to keep it growing. In our county its 2 acers a horse but iv gotten by with only 3 but it is well managed. My horses dont go out if its too wet and i keep them off it once it grazed down to a inch and a half tall. Plus we do weed control also its never ending work to keep it nice. Plus we mow it twice a year and keep the poop picked up.
That is exactly how I plan to care for the land! I'll have a good 5 months or so before I get my horse, so I'll begin seeding on the 3rd month to ensure GOOD grazing land before I get my horse. :)
Its possible, I have my two horses on 1 1/2 acres. (Not ideal, working on getting my entire 20 acres fenced in) But I do it, and I keep the pasture healthy and fairly decent length, until winter that is.
Every spring I cut down any weeds that they won't eat and every season I pick up all the poo and put it in a compost.

I often will close the gate to one side of the pasture and let it grow back a bit, for a week or so, and then do the same for the other side.

It is more work than just putting them in the pasture, but if you take the time and work I'm confident you can do it. :)

Granted, my horses get a lot of exercise. I frequently go on 15+ mile rides so you want to make sure they have room to burn off energy if you wont' be messing with them.

Thanks a bunch! I'll be riding for a few hours almost every day, and the days I'M not riding my dad will lol.

I have 20+ acres free to ride on, I can only fence off an acre and a half, though.
I'm a 19 year old girl doing some home studying for college and won't have friends after I move, so I'll have plenty of time to care for my horse and the land! Lol.
But in all seriousness, I've been planning ans budgeting EVERYTHING imaginable for this horse for the past 3 years of my life. I'm just trying to get outside opinions to ensure i can provide my horse with the BEST life I can provide. C:
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