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Had my lesson on Saturday! It went well :) my friend was unable to come watch, so had another solo lesson. Nick has been hounding me to give up the thought of showing Training Level at Sport Horse Nationals. To be fair, the training level classes are filled with lifetime training level horses that literally never move their heads. It's the class of fake riding and fake frames. So I understood his point, especially since we are riding and schooling at a higher level than that. Since my friend wasn't there, I decided it was a good time to ask our trainer without any pressure. Well, she sure shocked me and Nick. Not only did she agree with Nick to not do Training Level, but she has CHALLENGED me to do a Second Level class. Now, at SHN you only show the highest test in the level. So we have a whole lot of work to do between now and then. I'm tentatively looking at a couple of practice shows to get him into the ring at Second Level. She did say if it was USDF Regionals I was aiming for then she wouldn't be suggesting it. But Arabian world is a whole different ball game. We've been working our butts off all week to make that jump! Our shoulder in has gotten nicer. Lengthening has improved. Getting walk to canter and canter to walk pretty nicely. Just now learning haunches in, so we may get dinged a bit there. Three loop serpentine at the canter is effortless for him though. So I think it's doable as he works to take even more weight behind. But I'm pretty proud of him! Hopefully next year we can attend a bit/bridle fitting clinic to figure out what he'll need for a transition to a double bridle. That is out of my realm of knowledge, and I definitely don't have any of the equipment for him. Being a little guy I'm not sure my trainer will either. But it's exciting! She wants me playing with a lot of different things, but I've told her straight up that when it's time to learn changes (he is NOT ready for them yet), that I do not want to teach him that without assistance. I see SO MANY people have late changes and I don't want to screw them up on him. He's already not a fancy moving Warmblood, so need to preserve the scores where I can!

Anyway, some video :)

Diego Lesson Part 6

Diego Lesson Part 7

Diego Lesson Part 8
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