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ahhhh spurs!!!! and over-riding

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Ok so, i had to share this because i was so upset when i figured this out, i just wanted to bash my head on the wall for a while! (sorta rant, long)

well, i was having trouble keeping rena cantering, like LOTS of trouble, we coudl only ever canter for a few strides. My instructor said i was stopping my seat, and i was getting so frusterated because i would try and keep my seat going and it wasnt working!!!! :-|

one day i was about to get on, and i was tired (this had been going on for a few weeks now) and sorta grumpy :)lol:) and i took my spurs off, for some reason i decided i was NOT going to ride with them that day. so i didnt, and i relized: THE WHOLE TIME IN THE CANTER I WAS BRINGING MY HEALS UP TO SPUR HER ON, SO MY SEAT COULD NEVER WORK WELL! AND I WAS GETTING THIS 'CRUNCHED UP FRAME'! haha i actualyl just stopped in the ring and started laughing, i patted rena for not cantering and teachign me that that wouldnt work. well when i took my spurs off I never did that, i stretched my legs down and used my seat and CALVES to give aids. *bashing head on desk* im so glad i figured that out! but....

theni was having troubles gettign her to do ANYTHING. i never put the spurs back on, but she wouldnt really do anything i asked properly. wll, yesturday my grandpa and grandma came to watch me ride( :D they hadd three daughters that always rode,and im their only granddaughter, so they take interest in my riding, which makes me feel really good!) but this was the firstime my grandpa has seen me ride rena( he sorta has health problems and stays home a lot) so i concentrated on MY postion. well, guess what? rena did very single thing i asked, even a canter leg yeild( AHHH I ALMOST SCREAMED WITH JOY) she stayed round and alway listened to me. *bashing head on desk even harder* I WAS BEING A CONTROL FREAK! haha i wasnt holding up my end of the deal, but i was trying to force her to holdup her end. :oops: shes a very independant horse and knows what shes doing in dressage, she doesnt really need my help that much(only to ask for more collection or more back and stuff) but other then that, i should be doing MY PART,not hers. she even stayed straighter!!!! uuurrrrgghh how i love my horse, but i cant tell her what to do, all im there for is to ask her where to go and how to go there, or more like, suggest it! haha im so excited i figured these things out tho! haha 2012 summer olympics, here we come!! (tehehe i can dream, right?):D thanks for readin, i just had to share these things!
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Congratulations on your discovery! It's just simply too bad your instructor wasn't more on the ball.

The spur is probably one of the most misused pieces of equipment, and it irks me to no end to see them used at the lower levels, and it drives me insane to see them used as a 'go forward' aid.

If you can't ride all the exercises w/o the spur, you've got no business riding them with the spur. It's purpose is for subtelty of aid at the most advanced levels.

Anyway, I digress...big *thumbs up* for you. Best wishes with your continued discoveries!
thank you! haha im so excited to get back on my horse!
I kind of experienced the same thing. I was using spurs with my horse for a minute because my old trainer told me it would help me with ques and such. I started to notice that sometimes when I was riding, I would get an inconsistant speed and some tail swishing, I couldn't figure it out. Well, you see, I have a weak leg and my current trainer and I are working to strengthen, so when I would ask for an extended trot or the canter, I was gripping with the wrong part of my leg and thus needling the poor guy with my heel!!! I ditched the spurs immediately!!

I agree with Mercedes. Spurs shouldn't be used in the lower levels. Or in my case, people with a weak leg! Once you're using your leg effectively, you may find you dont need 'em. And if ya do, then well, you know how to use them! I feel so bad when I see riders posting around with their toes turned out. It makes me think in my head, "Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch..." after every post.

Excellent break through! I had the same one and its so awesome to get on with it and move on, right!!
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ugh, so many riders at my barn think that if a horse isn't listening, they need bigger and badder spurs and bits. I am lucky to have had the complete opposite instilled in me way before I ever even got on a horse. Awesome breakthrough, and terrific that your grandparents were there to see such a wonderful ride!
Totally know what you mean! When I got Bear I was told that I HAD to ride with spurs because he was so lazy. I have only used my spurs the first two rides, havent put them on since. The only time that I might start using them is when I start asking for lead changes for hunter courses... But until them, he gets to learn to reasoned to my LEG, not my spur. =]

Congrats!! I want to see some pictures and videos of you two asap, by the way. ;]
thanks guys! im going to try to get pics up as soon as its nice out( the camera doesnt take very good pics in the arena) im so excited about all this i cannot wait to go to a show! :D
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