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Creative title, eh?

So I had my first lesson in years today! It has probably been 2 years since I've had a lesson, and 9 months since I rode last. It was definitely waaayy too long! I rode a really sweet mare named Sophie. She's an Arab/Trakaner and is around 17 years old? She has had SOO much dressage training it's incredible. She can't do all of the things she used to be able to do, though. Her owners had her insured for about $100,000 and she was on her way to this super prestigious dressage show(I can't for the life of me remember what it was called) when her crate was dropped. She had a pretty bad injury and the vet just recommended they put her down.

So the owners called the lady who owns the rescue I rode at and told her she had 24 hours to pick up this horse. They call her "the horse that doesn't exist" or "the Unicorn" because as far as the insurance company knows, Sophie was put down. But now she's an awesome lesson horse! I had an awesome time. :]

I rode in a saddle that was a little too small for me, and I could definitely feel it at the canter. But my trainer is SUPER nice and I can totally tell I'm going to learn tons from her! She says I have really quiet, soft hands but I need to move more with my elbows. My lower leg is where I've got my problems. :p I've got a lot of work to do there! :D

She says she sees that I've had a lot of lessons and that she doesn't usually let people canter on the first lesson, so I felt good about that. We went over some trotting poles and that was fun. :] She wants me to do english, though! I enjoyed riding english in the past, but I've sort of felt more secure in a western saddle since I had a pretty good fall last year. My trainer says that we'll be able to work through that fear, though. :]

Next lesson I'm going to be riding a different horse because she wants me to try out a few horses before I decide on one to sponsor. Next lesson she wants me to ride Hailey, a 15 year old warmblood mare who also has tons of dressage training. Crystal(my trainer) says that while Sophie and I were a good match, I will have learned all she can teach me after a few months of riding her in lessons. So she wants me to ride a slightly more challenging horse. The rescue place I ride at offers sponsoring programs where you can come out and trail ride, visit the horse, play around or whatever you want to do with the horse and then it includes a weekly lesson. I'm thinking that's what my parents are going to get me for my birthday. :]

So anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement about finally starting lessons again! I'm definitely looking forward to getting better on the flat and then eventually jumping. :] I've always LOVED jumping, so I can't wait until I'm good enough!

Thanks for reading.
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