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With my mums horse now sold, we have the space for another horse.
I am 15 years old and currently own a 15.2h thoroughbred mare who I have produced from off the track and am currently starting to jump and compete.
I also own a 14.2h Kaimanawa mare, my old pony that taught me to ride, who is currently kept as a paddock mate due to medical issues.
Both of these horses were horses that I put a lot of training into and their success is all as a result of what I have done, I never stressed about how good my training was or wether what I was doing was correct because I knew that if I hadn't trained them they probably would have been dog tucker (not trying to say I am a trainer or anything, I had a lot of lessons and made a lot of mistakes along the way)
Now however we have enough money to pay for a well trained horse and I am stressing I'm not good enough to be riding these talented horses. I want to show jump in the future so am keen to buy a showjumping horse.
I have been jumping for years and like to think I am pretty decent, on my old pony I was jumping 1m bareback in a halter and jumping 70-80 on her pretty comfortably. Her medical issues meant that I never actually got to the stage of competing her but jumping courses in lessons were no problem.
On my thoroughbred we are jumping 60cm very comfortably and are putting the jumps up more now as we both find that pretty easy. I have only done one round of showjumping on her and that was 40cm (her first time jumping at show). But would be confident to do a course of 60cm on her.
As you can see I don't have a whole lot of competition experience and haven't jumped very high before which is mostly why I feel as though I am not good enough.
I have been quite confident in the past with my jumping but at the moment need to build that confidence back up on my new horse.
I would love to be jumping bigger and out competing but with my current horse who is still very green I don't want to push either of us too much.
The two horses I am currently interested in are two thoroughbreds,
a 6 year old 15.3h gelding jumping 1.10, 1.15m comfortably
a 6 year old 16.2h gelding jumping schooling 1.10m with tons of scope
Both are stunning, have chilled out and easy attitudes and both are fairly green.
The green horse part is fine by me, I am confident with that sort of thing, its just how much potential they have and I feel as though I will hold them back.
I have never had a horse I haven't had to produce myself and would love to have a horse that has had schooling before and one that is talented and I can go up the heights with but I feel sort of like if I bought one of these horses they are going to waste when they could be going to a much more talented rider that could be out winning ribbons on them. I have miles to learn and feel like I'm not good enough for these horses.
Thoughts? What should I be looking for in a new horse?

Also had no idea what category to post this under ahahah
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