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An afternoon at the barn with Zeus!

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These are from Wednesday. It was a gorgeous day, int he 50's, blue sky, bright sun.
He looks so dark with his winter coat! But holy crud is it hard to get the dirt out of it. Fuzzy coat for FL.

Here's the video of him jumping.
freejumpzeus.flv video by iownyorsoul - Photobucket

And here are the pictures!

The BO's dog, who's name always escapes me. She's super pretty, and HUGE.

Zoomed in from far away, looking intensely at a squirrel.

And away she goes! Also zoomed in from a distance.

Dog again, she was zooming around though, hard to get a decent picture of.

Zeus and Blitz. Taken from the barn, they were out in the back of the pasture.

My boy.

Eating the practically nonexistent grass is much more important then me. :lol:


You bore me, girl.

Stop snapping pictures and come pet me.


After lunging. Looking cute.

The end!
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