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An HF Member Needs Our Help!

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As you may know our dear Wendy has been going through some trouble due to someone in her life throwing a huge wrench in her pathway:

Anyways, since we've been able to convince her to not get out of horses and to stick to her guns with her mare, and not sell everything she owns - she needs our help :)

She is saddleless. She was using her previous Trainers saddle, but after everything that happened, she's S.O.L with that. She cannot afford to buy a saddle - So I thought maybe someone on here, has one laying around that is going unused, to help her out?

She needs a Medium/Wide english saddle - whether it be an A/P, Dressage or Jumping, with a 17.5" seat.

I am kicking myself for selling my Wintec A/P, because I'd of given her that - but I don't have it anymore.

Is there anyone out there who can help?
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WOW, Kim. Thank you so much for helping me. I'm not looking for a freebie, but if someone has something that would work, I'd be interested in "free loaning" it until I have the money to either buy it from you or return it when I find another. I also don't have any leathers, irons, or girth, as all of that stuff is gone too. Any help is much appreciated, I may be able to trade or partial trade some of my extra stuff to help out. Thank you everyone here. I love you all.
I have a girth I can give you - it might not be big enough, it is a 48", I have a feeling you'll need something int he 50's.

And I have brown wintec webbers you can have.
Wow Kim. Thank you. I will find the money to send u the leather reins for your browbands and the blackwatch saddle pad.
Hey Wendy I am sorry for all this that has happened glad you are sticking to horses and if I can find anything that would help I will find the money to send it too you :D
Wow. Thank you everyone. God Bless each and every one of you for your kindness.
great! i know i live in the UK but i have a wide fit english saddle!
i bought an over-weight horse and the saddle that came with him didnt fit. this one is a temporary one untill he loses weight and he really is getting there. i only payed £100 for it ($154). it really is wide though, black, leather. the lady i bought it from used it on a cob sec d. will have to measure it. let me know if your interested x

i also have a load of different sized girths as he has been losing the weight.
How very kind of you Speedy Da Fish!
i have some pictures, the only thing is i dont know when my horse will be ready for his other saddle. i have two saddles lol. have a look at them, which one?
the leather one is the wide fit (note has very small seat, im a bit of a midge)
synthetic one- the saddle that i bought with my horse, could be fitted to any horse as long and the seat suits you.


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I have a spare wintec 500 but i'm in the wrong country!
Wow everyone. You are all so amazing. Speedy, thank you so much. I'm only concerned about the small seat. I've got a large tush, and would probably spill out in all directions, haha. I'm just amazed at the kindness displayed by everyone here. I wish I could meet you all in person.
I do have a 16" Lancer's AP saddle with no fittings on consignment at the local tack shop. It hasn't sold, but if someone would take that as a trade on a 17.5", I would be more than happy to do that. It's a medium/wide tree with knee rolls in dark havana brown, in very good shape. It's waaay too small for me, and pitches me forward, which, with my major balance issues, is a disaster waiting to happen. It doesn't fit my horse very well either.
I have a 52" leather girth, it's in practically new condition but it's brown is that ok? I would be more than happy to send you that. Also have a spare bridle if you need it. No bit and it's a cheap brand but if you want it it's yours.
Wow Jumping! That would be absolutely amazing. You would seriously do that? I'm sitting here crying right now. It's so nice to know that there are good people out there that care. Is there anything i could offer you in trade????
For sure! Nope, I don't need anything. Just pm your addy and I'll get it in the mail tomorrow.
I don't have a spare saddle, but I have indian hackamore (new) and leather sidepull (used one though). Not sure if you are interested, but if you are let me know.
im so glad your continueing riding! :D
if i have ANYTHING at all i could send you i would!
its amazing how people help eachother out so much! i was smiling the whole time i read this threead.
sorry i cant help :(
best wishes to you! and i hope everything works out! :)
I have 2 bridles but I'm the wrong country.
I truly forget the value of this forum. Its like a little tight knit community who support each other.
Wild_Spot - do you have any sort of idea what shipping to the U.S.A would cost at all for the Wintec?
MIEventer, shipping would be expensive. Its $49 roughly to ship a saddle in Australia, and I did a rough calculation on Australia Post and I think it would be up $150 to ship over there depending on the weight of the saddle.
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