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an oopsie foal and a 13 year old girl that knows nothing.

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His name is Blaze.
hes a rosegrey, hes nine years old.
his mother was a mustang X QH his father was a QH.
He was a complete "oopsie".
Hes lead me through everything, In my life since I was 11 years old.
I trained him myself,
And We Have been partners for nine whole years.
"A 13 year old begginer training a horse?"
That was a bad ideal, they said, Well Honestly Now id say the same thing.
My seat was bad, I was self taught, I STAYED in the mouth.
But with learning from critques from others, we got where we are.
thankyou blaze.
soo heres the guy.
Then to now.

Blaze at two.
As you can tell I wasn't near being the best Rider.
and blaze... well I shouldn't of been on him.

A few months later.... Better, But still.

a year later.
Nice Earrings huh? (lol)
Getting better... Then jerking his head off.

That Rodeo arena made me fall in love.

Which made me want to dabble into a few other things.
(grass not a good idea... I know.)

Then....a year later


We both love the arena lights...
But when they turn off.
I have blaze.
then.. and now...

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Those pictures are amazing : ) He's a handsome boy and it looks like you learned a lot over the years and so did he.
I loved your story!!! Enjoyed the pictures as well.
Glad you are your boy have a special bond and you guys were both able to learn together.
thankyou guys:)

Blaze and I have learned from eachother, I think thats what made us so close.
Wow! Gorgeous horse...and thanks for sharing! I'm a beginner in horses, and am also self taught (well, Sun teaches me...he is so very patient!) and your story gives me hope that I will get better!
you will,
It just takes time and effort,
and Remember to listen to good advice, But not just ONE person but many.
good luck
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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