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Hello everyone :)

So a few months ago my horse, Taxi was in a bad accident that almost cost him his life. (Check out my post HELP!) now however he is doing much better, we are slowly getting back into light work such as liberty and walks. I am now having so questions and concerns about vision. When I do a vision test on his left (good) eye he blinks every time my finger passes his eye. He will sometimes move his eye around to glance at my finger. But… when I do his right (bad) eye he won’t blink or follow my finger with his eye. His eye doesn’t move at all anymore and is stuck in place. Thoughts? Should I have the vet check him or what should I do for him?

day of accident:
Eye Eyelash Human body Jaw Liver

a week after accident:
Head Blue Green Working animal Horse tack

a week ago: (sorry you can’t see his bad eye, he always where’s a patch and it’s hidden by the fence)
Working animal Horse Wood Horse tack Liver
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