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Another English Assignment! {The Rancher 5000}

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The Rancher 5000
Do you have a problem your bull pusing around you herd? Are you loosing kids and calves due to faulty herd dogs? Well fear nomore – the Rancher 5000 is here! With the flick of a wrist, you can have your herd moving north, and its light weight, and easy to use. This cheap and easy-to-find product will unite farmers across America. The folowing animals can be used with this basic tool;
ü -Chickens & other Poultry-
ü -Cattle-
ü -Goats-
ü -Sheep-
ü -Even horses!-

Here to demonstrate is Billy and Riot.


Hah! Now go buy it. You can beat your siblings with it too. For only $1.99! :D


All it really is is a stick painted yellow, with a plastic bag ties to it xD. I'm so funny.
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