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I was on YoungRider 9 or so years ago, then made the switch to SubHorse, but that forum is pretty much dead now, so I figured I should find another place to cruise when I get bored on the internet....

I work as an assistant to a Morgan/Saddlebred show horse trainer. I ride the green babies, the random pleasure horses and I will tune-up the older show horses. We have 60 horses on the ranch, with about 25 of them going to shows regularly.
I have 3 of my own that are in my name.
KAK Midsummer Fable "Cisco" is a 2 year old buckskin morgan.
Hakuna Matata "Baylee" 12.2hh hackney pony, 16 years old.
Cinnabuns "Cinna" my 7 yo QH.

Soooo yeah, that's me.
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