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Hey everyone!

Just wondering if any of you have had any experience with "E3live for Horses".

I'm not terribly educated with it, but it's made from a kind of blue-green algae that supplements many micronutrients and minerals that are missing in much of modern-day's soils and grass (fed to our horses). I'm not one to be immediately pulled into anything nor an impulse buyer, but they are heavily recommended with tons of testimonials from all types of horse people, including prominent names in the equine industry (at least I recognized them, and I'm no equine scholar
). A few being Linda Tellington-Jones and Ryan Gingerich the Behavorist. What was interesting too, is that they will refund you up to after a year after your purchase, if you don't see a difference by your own evaluation. Which is pretty unusual i'd say, for a guarantee. It seems to makes sense to me though, that it shouldn't just be an overnight thing.

I don't believe in "super fix" products, that one thing can completely meet every need of your horse, but I do understand that nutritional deficiencies affect many areas, noticeably hooves, coat, and general disposition.

I've been suggested to have my horse on some kind of nutritional supplement, so i've been searching around, and thought of no better place to ask for advice and review products than TMS. Or, if you have a recommendation for a nutritional supplement, that you've had experience with? I accept all honest opinions, so please share!
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