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So recently Lindy has been acting odd whilst being ridden,started throwing her head about again which she hasn't done for ages, swishing her tail alot and generally feeling stiff and just off...
We had a chiropractor out to her on Sunday who said she is mis-aligned down her back her rump area and her poll was tight,she also re aligned her jaw?
She said to feed her from the greedy Welsh that has DOUBLE netted greedy feeder nets! That's gonna be fun lol
Stretches,no ridden work for 2 weeks just walks
And to put heat pads on her saddle and rump area once a day....
Well here's my problem....we have no hot water for hot water bottles and I think their dangerous anyway
I can't afford a proper heat therapy pad they are 拢130馃槻 just cos it's for horses
I thought maybe I could use a heat pad for humans that you plug in...supervised obviously due to the cord
Would this work?would it be hot enough to help?
I can get one of them for 拢15.
Anyone done this with their horses or if it's going to be a permanent thing which it looks like it will be should I just save up and buy the proper one?
I can't see why the cheaper one wouldn't do the same job as the equine one?


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1. Your horse may have had TMJ in her jaw like people get. I've had that happen twice with one of my horses.

2. Yesssss --- isn't that heat therapy stuff bloody expensive?

2.1. One of my horses has a fractured sacrum from a 2007 accident. A few months back we had a hail storm with hail the size of walnuts and I couldn't get the horses in. This horse seriously re injured himself, and I mean really serious.

2.1.1. I am still giving him an hour of heat and massage therapy daily.

I already have an LED "According to Gospel" red light therapy pad, that I bought in 2007. I put that on the spots the equine chiro tells me to.

The pad BTW is only 6" X 9" because that's the biggest pad I could afford in 2007 and they have not come down in price.

2.1.2. Since I can't afford what you posted ORRRR the $700 "Sportz Vibe sheet that covers neck to tail dock:

I gave my horse my $20 chair massage/heat pad and bought myself a new one at WalMart. He loves that massage pad. He tolerates the red light therapy pad, unless he really hurts then he enjoys the beat & light.

This puts a whole new meaning into a Micky Mouse setup but I am not in a position to shell out several hundred dollars for something when I can go the makeshift route for under $100 and it works almost as well or as well:)

*** I do the light therapy first (20 minutes MAXIMUM) on each spot. Then I tie the massage pad onto my horse with an old standing wrap that stretches. Also for 20 minutes.

I do all this on the morning before turnout so it loosens him up.

FWIW and merely to crybaby whine --- this same horse is in IR Remssion, has severely foundered in the past ANNND is sickle hocked, making him "base narrow". His backend is wonky from top to bottom:(

He is a train wreck. He now wears four shoes, all customized in an attempt to deal with his foundered front, fractured sacrum and sickle hocks, which causes him to noticeably roll his left rear hoof:):):). I am smiling because there is no point in crying over all the $$$$ I spend on him, lollol

If the picture posts, this is Joker (also my avatar:). Standing peacefully with his massage/vibrator pad hooked up. He has a tremendously good & patient heart and just accepts that anything we do is to help him.

I also have a full body massager with heat that goes on the bed. I paid about $70 for that but it's bulky and I don't want to fuss with it until the weather cools down. It fits Joker from his withers clear back to his tail. Joker likes it but it's just too much bulk for me to manhandle in this heat/humidity.

Feel free to ask questions:)

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Walkinthewalk..thanks for replying, what's TMJ?
wow I hope he is doing better from what you are saying stuff made for us mere humans is also good for our horses? Might just buy the human heat pad then for now...if the physio said use hot water bottles then I don't see that a heat pad would be any less useful. sadly I live in the UK and we don't really have anything like that over here and the cost of shipping would make it more expensive than buying the epiony heat pad!

Also I will have to ask the YO about using extra electricity lol she might charge me for it haha馃槴

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Chaz80,. Joker is doing better, thank you for asking:)

TMJ is temporomandibular joint dysfunction. It can cause difficulty chewing, a clicking haw, a locking jaw, sometimes inflammation where the bone joins the skull. It is painful in humans so it has to be painful in horses too.

Can you ring your physio and ask if she wants you to use wet or dry heat? You can still buy the heating pad, but there is a difference between using wet heat and dry heat.

Dry heat = heating pad would be great, just be sure to keep the heat on low so as not to burn your horse. Watch your horse for signs of agitation after about ten minutes to make sure the pad isn't too hot.

Wet heat = one or two wet bath towels heated up in the microwave, put in a couple of plastic bags to keep them warm until you get to the barn. Hopefully you don't live too far from the barn?

The towels or the heating pad will stay on the horse better than the hot water bottles. Even if you put towels over the bottles, a few jiggles from the horse and they will fall off fairly easy.

Either way, you won't have to buy the hot water bottles unless you might need them for something else.

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When I've needed to warm up muscles, I'll lay one of my Back on Track standing wraps over the back and layer with a cooler or quarter sheet and either let them stand or take them for a hand walk. You can also go with a microwave rice heating pad and placing it between a normal wrap or blankets. Or a hot water bottle.
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