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Biothane or nylon?

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I don't think Beta Biothane wouldn't not work for a back cinch as a material but I've only come across one and the issue, as with the nylons, is that they are very straight and quite thin for back cinches and barely suitable for the simple purpose of ensuring the saddle stays down and put in hilly terrain because the pressure would be so localized. If you're going to rope? Forget it. The nylons are cheap and not designed for that purpose at all. I wouldn't trust the hardware on them either. A lot of nylon products of that sort are nylon because they're being marketed for people who want to pay bottom dollar and it shows in the quality. There are some things you can get away using synthetic/cheaper materials for and some things you can't.

The horse's belly area is pretty sensitive so I can easily see the nylon material also causing rubs would be an issue.
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