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Approved horse shelter in RO

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Ok, I was wondering if I should post here this thread or in the Horse video section. I guess that this is more related with horse protection.
I wanted to share a video about the legalization of the first horse shelter in Romania. I think that's a big step for a better for animal protection in my country.

The shelter was born almost 2 years ago but it hasn't been recognized by the romanian authorities until now. The shelter was financed by two women who paid for all things, food, doctor, ferrier, transport, and for saving animals from the streets. Finally they decided to recognize it and sponsor it. They want to make some investments, to build new stables, to provide food for the horses, proper conditions and proper care. They want to use the horses for pleasure riding, for driving carriages at the local festivities and I guess that they will use them for therapy riding too. Some horses were used in the summer for riding therapy for physically disabled and orphan children.

The video is in romanian, I only posted it for you to see the stable and some of the horses. And I'm curious to find out your opinions. I know that this shelter does not provide proper conditions for the horses. What I meen is that in other countries this will be seen as improper for horses, but in my country is generally considered ok. The stalls are to small, very small, the horses doesn't have a pasture to run free, some of them have a lot of problems and besides of that they do not receive a proper training to be used for pleasure riding. They are green brocke, they were used for cart driving by their former owners who neglected them. But I think that this is a beginning for my country.

Here's the video. In sfarsit au actionat! Autoritatile sustin un adapost pentru caii parasiti -

Tell me your opinions. I can post some photos with the horses if you want to see them.