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Are you sick of Bella and Teddy yet?

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Went up to see the horses for the first time in like a week.... The property (which flooded is looking good considering Bella's stall was under water! A bunch of hay was ruined, but luckily thats all. All horsies are fine. I met a few of the other horses too, Socks is such a character... I hope I get a chance to ride him :) Anyway... On to the pictures


She looked so happy lol

Falling asleep while I was brushing her

MacKenzie and Teddy

This is Socks:

This was another mare there, I can't for the life of me remember her name, but she was so sweet. She spent most of our time there staying right next to MacKenzie while she played in the mud ;)

Then some edits:

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what cuties! socks is a handsome man.
What a good looking bunch! Glad nothing was damaged in the flood.
I will never get sick of Bella and Ted. Nice pictures :)
i have that centaur sheet in that same color and in blue plaid ! best $45 i EVER spent haha. looooooooove them . your horses ar so beautiful
Only the grey Arab and pony are mine, but all 40+ horses on the property are subject to my clicker-happiness... Horses are the best photography subjects :D I love that sheet too, I wish they had one small enough for my pony (in blue of course)!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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