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I have a rising 8 arab x tb mare, and we plan on taking her to a local level show soon.
We do not expect her to come out on top (She is badly over at the knee and has long pasterns) but we want to take her because she has never been to an event before and she shows potential for both dressage and jumping.
I have a few queries, however.
As I said before, she is lacking in experience and I was wondering on any ways I could help settle her down (Shows are a new and very exciting/scary atmosphere for a green horse) and also, how to handle her if the excitement gets the better of her. She is normally pretty chill, but can be quiet sharp and it only takes a small bird to fly from a hedge to trigger the spooky thoroughbredy part of her to take over lol.
And then, I have a question on what to turn out in. We would probably be doing the in hand and ridden part and pure bred arab class.
In the in hand, can I use a riding bridle instead of an in hand? It is a local show but they hold a few more prestigious classes but I don't think these classes are one of them. I'm not really looking into delving deep into in hand showing, so I don't want to blow money on something I'll only use once.
Also, what bit should I use? Most people advise me to use a loose ring bridoon but I'm getting other suggestions as well.
Also what would I wear for this phase of competition? Would I have to plait her? Her mane is pulled at present but should I let it grow out?
And then in the ridden class, should my bridle and saddle match colour? Only I have a black bridle and a brown saddle? What colour numnah, what reins, and again, should I plait? What should I wear?
Sorry for the essay, any advice appreciated x
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