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Happy Saint Patrick's day! My horses are shedding like crazy Ice is turning golden on his head see summer coat on his neck under the white winter coat.

Weather is ridiculous had yet another storm more snow to add onto 4 feet we already have. Cold today high 13 degrees was 2 above this morning at 7am with very blustery north west winds winters back till next week when it warms up to high 30s low 40s.

Tank heater I bought just over a month ago not working as it should ice in water trough. Hopefully it last long enough to finish out this winter at the rate it's going it will be July before snows gone.

No big plans for the weekend might make a trip to Menard to get a new barn fan. Fan I have has been repaired 3 times and it broke again late summer. It's 23 years old think it's done it time paid for it's self an then some.

Dinner tonight is hamburgers an salad desert is homemade peanut butter cookies an Ice cream.
There's enough fresh snow to actually get in some riding on our very frisky haven't been ridden in over a month horses. Because of so much snow they only have maybe a 50 foot area to move around In there corrals.

@tempest hope you get feeling better soon!
1 - 2 of 80 Posts