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@tempest love the pictures of the old barns. A fat wife and a full barn never did a man harm. Old saying but I don't know from where I read it a long time ago.
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Mar 20 ... hmm I keep telling myself as I do chores for a friend on holidays and for Sis that it can't come too soon as I wheel the manure out through snow drifts. Nine horses to clean stalls for and some of them have the nerve to say "You missed a spot here"
We had an all night rain here last night so a lot of snow has gone now but oh the mud.
I was looking at recipes yesterday for the slow cooker and found a nice Mac 'n Cheese so leftovers will be my supper. I took some over to Sis yesterday but after all the stall cleaning I ended up eating a good portion of it as I was that hungry.
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