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Auction People: keep your eyes open!

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I was just informed of a situation of a stolen horse who was just taken right outside of Roanoke VA. I don't personally know this woman, but she attended my school at one point in time and this is being passed through everyone in the alumni, hoping they will pass it along to others.

From the owner:

"My horse stolen from my farm while I was finishing radiation treatment out of town: Fortune, 16.3 bright bay HolsteinerX with blaze, left hind sock and big, old fashioned, head. Was stolen when a former boarder was moving her two horses and created a diversion to allow a known kill buyer to sneak Fortune through a side door and into the trailer. Please share this with anyone who knows the auction circuits. I fear he may ship directly to slaughter for a few bucks. The local police were little help since I'm out of town but I will get a file reported locally and with state police as it was criminal, not civil. Please keep an eye out for him... super sweet, cuddly kind of horse but will give the hairy eyeball in some situations."

I'm waiting on information on who to contact in case we see him. I'll update when I get it and I've informed them to post his stats on

And because my daughter won't leave me alone until I put this on here...:shock:
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Sorry franknbeans! I'm very busy so I don't get to read all the posts. I'm gonna post an update just in case.

He is on net posse here: All the contact info is there.

The man who took him has been identified and has a reputation for this stuff, I guess. Charges are being filed an the former boarder will be questioned.

Several auctions, including Camelot have been notified.
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Thanks TooSmexy! Hopefully he is hanging out somewhere and hasn't been shipped out. Lord knows where he could be.

And just to clearify, I was posting to try and help find the horse... My daughter wouldn't leave me alone until I put up the emoticon, not the post! Haha just reread that and figured it could be taken the wrong way.
He has been located!

I don't know details and I don't know if he's safe. I'm trying to find out what happened.
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I have no updates for this.

When the located him, they took down the "wanted" picture that had all the replies and updates, so I lost the story. Does anyone have any information?
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