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Hey all. So it's spring time and that means it's time for all the babies to start popping up everywhere.

I love little foals and how cute they are, so why not drop pics of all your guys cute little babies for us to drool over? Feel free to post your own foals, or foals/weanlings you plan on getting later!

Here's some that have interested me.

These guys are little ponies to mature around 11 - 12.3 hh. They're all so cute and I think it'd be a lot of fun to have a little pony and teach it to pull a cart or something like that

I'd also love to get a fresian at some point and this guy is a cute contender

And even though this filly is grade, she's pretty adorable too

But I think of all the ones I'm coming across, this one is stealing my heart the most

So lets see those adorable babies you guys have or are interested in getting!
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