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Bad horse owner?

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Is this really the sort of thing you do to a horse that bucks you off?
Watch till the end!
Btw I've never posted a video so just say if it don't work and how to do it properly!
Thanks for looking xP

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I think it's moronic. By the time she started whupping on him the horse's mind was already on something else. If she really wants to whack him as a response, she should at least just smack him with her own hand or something right away, because that wasn't fast enough for him to make the connection..

But I think the loudest thing crying out to me is that IT DIDN'T WORK. You can see clearly from the horse's expression that it had happened before and will happen again. Time to find a new approach!
And if anyone does, is it worth it?
Doesn't look it /= .
Ooops- didn't see your reply.
I totally agree. Moronic, right?
Thanks for replying( :
She certainly isn't a very good rider. First of all, if her position was more solid she probably wouldn't have fallen off in the first place(she is pinching her knees, which sends her falling onto her perching hands as she loses her legs and thus becomes unbalanced) and could get him moving in a circle after the buck. For many cases, you can feel a buck coming and can prevent it before it even happens. We also cannot tell from this video if he is having some sort of discomfort causing the bucking, something a good rider would look into.

Anyways, after she fell off, she waited about 4-5 seconds before she did anything. Any sort of correction has to happen within 4 seconds are at the most, and I personally believe it should be no longer than 1-2 seconds. It was clear from the horse's expression that he was focused on something else and thus could not have realized he was being 'punished' for bucking.

She was laughing. that is pretty much one of the stupidest things you can do when you correct a serious behavior, regardless of the correction. A correction should be done with a calm, serious, and authoritative demeanor that is neither happy nor angry. Whapping at his neck with a crop is NOT going to correct bucking either. If anything, it's just making him lose more trust and respect. In the end, he got what he wanted anyways: he escaped. IMO that horse is pretty level minded, if that horse wasn't as good as it was it could have bitten her, kicked her etc.
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I was going to say the same thing. Her riding epically fails if she can't sit her way through that one.
I don't really understand why someone would post that kind of video on youtube in the first place?
If I ever caught a child of mine treating a horse that way(if you watch a few more of her videos you will see what I am talking about a little better, especially her "free lunging" one, that gets me a little steamed...) She would lose that poor horse in a heartbeat. Not only does she not know how to sit a horse, but jerks on his mouth and constantly jabs him with her heels. Then she reinforces the horses want to get away with her by whacking him with a crop and laughs about it. Screams spoiled little brat with no respect for the animal and no training in how to act around it.
^^ totally agree. I just went and watched the free lunging, what an idiot!
And the poor horse seems like a very nice, patient guy in general..but I bet she thinks she has it so hard with him. So sad that so little can be done about that sort of thing.

And Bek, that's exactly what I was wondering! Is she proud of this or something?
It is the image at :26 that makes it worse, she seems to enjoy the thought of punishing him, with that big poo eating grin of hers...She needs a swift kick in the rump.
I completely agree with you guys. That was NOT a big buck! If with all the different horses and all the times I have been bucked off, and it was that small, I wouldn't have had any injuries except maybe a bruise...big deal. As for using the crop to hit the horse with afterwards...that was just wrong. I agree with what roro said, "In the end, he got what he wanted anyways: he escaped." If she keeps doing this to this horse, she probably will get hurt. He does seem like a level headed horse to me. IMO she needs some SERIOUS lessons. Both in riding and ground work.
That was barely a buck and the kid couldn't sit it? Then got mad at the horse? :shock:

If I were her parental unit, that horse would be given away or sold to someone who would treat him right.

No excuse for that kind of attitude or treatment of an animal. No wonder the horse doesn't appear to like her.

Kid needs a serious attitude adjustment, and some lessons with a professional trainer who won't take her crap.
Her parents probably weren't the kind who believed in belting their children...shame. I know if I would have even thought of smacking my horse like that for basically no apparent reason, I would have been beaten.

Honestly, I've sat through bigger bucks than that, and my seat is horrible. Adn then (because I'm fairly certain she knew it was coming) she waits to be bucked off to grab the whip? If it was going to be effective at all she should have been carrying it with her. I don't even think I want to watch the free lunging video.

If she doesn't want him, I'll take him. He's a cute little guy.
Wasn't even a buck. He was kicking at something bothering him. I'm guessing her.
I've seen that video before and I haven't been able to find it for the life of me. The smile on her face and the laughing about it REALLY bother me. It makes me frightened for all horses she is in contact with now and any others in the future. A truly inappropriate reaction to his behavior.

And, free lunging my foot. She's chasing him around with a crop. I'm really very surprised she wasn't kicked in the face. Kudos to Bert for dealing with her as well as he does.
That definately was not a buck. When a horse bucks it's front feet leaves the ground. That horse just gave a little kick and the crappy rider fell off.

If I saw one of my kids take a whip to a horse like that the video would have a disclaimer about child abuse instead of animal abuse. My kid would have a problem riding because of the welts on his butt. Somebody is going to be able to make a mint on that nice horse after she screws him up and either hires a trainer to fix the horse (it would take about 4 rides to fix him) or sells him for a song and quits riding. The latter would deffinately be better than the former for the horse.
AMEN Kevin.
Kevin, it probably wouldn't even take four rides. It'd probably just take a different person and the problem would probably disappear for someone who knew WTF they were doing.

So, let's all make a pact to go find Bert and give him an upgrade.
All I can say is WOW I really can't belive how stupid some people are, like one of her other viedos the free lunging one she is trying to lung him with a JUMPING bat... I'm amazied her horse didn't kick her in the head.. this crap makes me sooo mad. It just does not make sence!
So, let's all make a pact to go find Bert and give him an upgrade.
He really is cute as a button, isn't he? If I didn't already have 4 horses, he'd be on my list! :D
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