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Bad weather colic

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So my sister's pony is fairly prone to colic and usually has a few mild episodes throughout the spring and summer seasons, always preceding a horrible storm. However, friday evening in the face of a relatively bad snowstorm (for us NJ people at least!) he did it yet again. This is the first time he has shown any symptoms of colic during the winter months, but it still fell in line within 12 hours before a bad storm rolling in. I guess it has to do with the change in barometric pressure and extreme switches in temperature/etc that set him off. In the face of another snow storm rolling in, I am hoping that he isn't triggered by the weather again.
Nothing like the threat of having to deal with serious colic issues and the chance of surgery needed when theres however many feet of snow on the ground and you can't get the trailer out of the drive!
Just wondering if anyone else has a horse that seems to be set off by severe weather? Nothing like some bad timing (not that there's ever a good time for colic)

Oh... luckily Danny made a full recovery after the vet coming out to tube him with mineral oil. It was a long night of walking in the snow for us, and thats the first time its ever been serious enough to need a vet's assistance.
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My Soda just colicked. The vet and I guessed that he stopped drinking water and she was thinking it might have been due to the weird weather.

A friend of mine suggested that to keep him drinking water I added chunks of salt/mineral blocks to his feed tub. This way he has to move them around to eat and should get more salt which makes him thirstier. In addition, I've been crumbling a little from the salt block into the feed trough. This way when they're done eating they can just lick the feed trough if they feel like it. They've been drinking more water now. More like the amounts they drink in the summer.

Her boss adds a 1/2 tsp or something to her horse's feed to encourage drinking also.
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