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Barn bullying, need advice on how to deal with it

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For over 6 months now, I've been going to the barn my friend goes too.

It all started when my friend, let's call her Liz, was begging me to come to her barn that she's been riding at for 3 years. So I planned a evaluation lesson with her trainer, let's call her Lara, and it went very well. I rode a horse that I ended up leasing.
Liz offered me to keep some of my tack in her locker, so I accepted. Liz and Lara were really nice and so was Liz's friend Kylie. I also met a girl there named Astarte, who was nice to me too. A couple weeks later, Liz started ordering me to get her stuff. I did, but I didn't like he way she kept asking me. I also heard a lot of gossip that Liz and Kylie were talking about. They talked smack about riders at our barn, and I just kept quiet. Lara kept giving me lessons, and she was being really nice. So one day, Lara asked me to cool out her horse Tommy for her. So I did, and Tommy is 17.1hh, so he's pretty tall. So I walked him around, and then hopped off him and gave him back to Lara. Liz came to our barn shortly after that and she said she saw me riding Tommy. I told her I walked him and she nodded. A day later, Kylie gave me looks and Lara wasn't talking to me. Liz came up to me and told me that I shouldn't have lied about trotting Tommy. I never said I trotted him and Liz told Lara and Kylie that I lied about it. Lara and Kylie really liked Liz, so they didn't believe me. I tried to tell Lara but she just seemed angry at me.

Then came the day me, Liz and Kylie were going to a flat show. Lara was coaching us at the show, and my horse was fine until she started having freak outs. I ended up crying cause I scraped my leg and I was embarrassed. Lara tried to make me feel better but Liz laughed at me and Kylie laughed with her. Astarte saw me at the show, then heard Liz and Kylie gossiping about me. I called Liz out on it and Liz said she didn't gossip about me.

Liz and Kylie gossiped a lot about me, and I got really angry. Astarte even gossiped about me too. Then came the worst day. Field day.
Field day is when you go out into the field and do cross-country and gallop around. So I went with Liz and Astarte. My horse started freaking out, so I went back in the ring. Astarte and Liz came with me to warm up. After I did a lot of walk and trot, I started to canter. Liz stopped me and told me I would give my horse arthritis if I didn't warm up more. I told her I did warm up and Liz smacked me with her whip and I screamed. And she then told me that's how my horse feels. She trotted away and Astarte laughed at me. So I shook it off and went into the field with Liz and Astarte. Mystic, my horse started freaking out and I only walked her and trotted her in the field. Liz and Astarte jumped and galloped and tried to convince me to jump. I told them Mystic was being antsy so I didn't want to go jump but Liz got mad. So Liz told me I had to and smacked me with her whip. So I went to the jump and Mystic refused. Mystic kept refusing then Liz demanded to get on her. So Liz got on her and Mystic refused so Liz forced Mystic over the jump. I got back on Mystic and she was even more antsy. So I didn't jump and Liz got so mad that she galloped towards me on her horse and forced her horse to bite Mystic. Mystic started bucking but Liz didn't care. She kept annoying me. So I cantered over the jump, but Liz didn't see me. So she forced me to go over it again, but Mystic was freaking out. So I told her I can't. Liz called me a wimp and told me she didn't believe that I jumped it. So she got off her horse, grabbed the reins from my hands and pulled me over the jump. I almost fell off and Liz told me I was a bad rider and I was being a brat.
Liz orders me around, and gossips about me. She also always uses my stuff and returns it in horrible condition.
Then, today, she called me and told me Kylie told Liz that Lara is mad at me cause I cancelled my last lesson with Lara and Liz kept insulting me.
I no longer feel welcome from this barn and I'm moving at the end of this month but Liz doesn't know. She keeps telling me that I'm a horrible rider, and now Kylie hates me and gossips about me. Liz also said I have horrible position and posted it on Instagram for everyone to see.
She threatens me and says if I tell anyone what she does I will get in so much trouble.
Please help me on how to deal with her. :-|and Kylie :cry:
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I agree with everyone here. You need to stand up to this loser. I'm happy you are leaving this barn next month, these girls are crazy. It sounds like the trainer is super immature too. Next time they try you just get mad and pop off on them. You are leaving the barn anyway so you might as well go out with style.
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